Player Albums

Google Photos has a pretty cool Face Recognition feature, which allows us to create galleries for individuals that automatically update with new photos.

Sometimes it gets it wrong (eg for ref Marko pretty much anyone bald is included!) and photos when you’re hidden away in the crowd are included too. But, as a way of browsing through a whole load of photos of particular players, it’s hard to beat.

We’ll create more as we go along (retiring, getting an MBE or having a birthday will get you an album) but if anyone would like to see theirs added, just drop Steve a note …

Alison Waters Nicol David  Nada Abbas 
Heather Deayton  Leo Au Sarah Cardwell
Amr Mansi Nadine Shahin  Victor Crouin
Zahed Salem Raneem El Welily   Ziad Al Turki
Wael El Hindi Ramy Ashour Gilly Lane 
Amr Shabana Hisham Ashour  Jenny Duncalf
Melissa Alves Nouran Gohar  Nathan Clark 
Omar Abdel Aziz Nathan Lake  James Willstrop 
Malcolm Willstrop Nikki Todd  Miguel Rodriguez 
Greg Lobban Alan Clyne Hania El Hammamy 
Andy Taylor Nick Matthew  Rowan Elaraby 
Mohamed Elsherbini Ashraf Hanafi  Mostafa Asal
Salma Hany Joshna Chinappa  Roy Gingell 
Jonathon Power Omar Mosaad  Simon Parke 
Saurav Ghosal Andrew Douglas  Mathieu Castagnet 
Danielle Letourneau Omneya Abdel Kawy  Haley Mendez 
Tarek Momen David Palmer  Alexandra Fuller 
 Nicolas Mueller Rory Stewart  David Palmer 
Karim Darwish  Ho Tze Lok Campbell Grayson 
Lisa Aitken Geoff Hunt  Liu Tsz Ling 
Olivia Fiechter Elspeth Young  Ivan Yuen 
Nadia Pfister  Joelle King Nour El Tayeb 
Diego Elias Joel Makin  Peter Creed 
 Emyr Evans Deon Saffery   Owain Taylor
Zeina Mickawy  Hollie Naughton Enora Villard 
Max Lee  Joey Chan Mariam Metwally 
Simon Rosner Farida Mohamed  Tamika Saxby/Hunt 
Olivia Blatchford/Clyne Sivasangari Subramanian