We’re now live with a [long overdue] new site, so we’d like to know what you think of it … what you can’t find anymore, suggestions for improvement and/or new features … please tell us !

What we’re Doing

Based on some of your feedback, we’re made the following changes …

  • added “Tournament Centre for quick access to current, upcoming and recent tournaments (on the old site they were permanently on view on the homepage, but on the new they’re lower down on mobiles)
  • added Just News for those who like a simpler list, like the old site (actually that page is now pretty close to the old homepage)
  • using screenprints for completed draws – a couple of comments have said the new google draws don’t fit (we think they’re scrollable on most devices) but once the draw reaches the final we’ll replace the google draw with a screenprint so that it’s permanent, and definitely fits
  • keep the suggestions and comment coming …