Squash Podcasts

Podcasts seem to be all the rage and there’s a fair collection of squash ones to enjoy …

Podcasts : In Squash … Comments from the Couch … In Squash … Desde el cristal … Outside the Glass … Holding Court … Cast Pod … Squash Pod … Manhattan Squash Show … Around the Court …

In Squash Podcast : Gerry Gibson

Around the Court, Arthur Gaskin

Episode 61, Laura Massaro on “all In” …

‘What it takes’ : Mohamed ElShorbagy on Champion Minded

Outside the Glass : Jim Zug


Desde el cristal (Spanish, from Margaux Pitarch)

Interviews with : Iker Pajares, Víctor Montserrat, Carlos Cornes, former Spanish champions as Santi Nieto and Concha Galatas, Nicol David (in English) even Carlos Sainz (world rallies champion and the first Spanish squash champion!).

Changing room Chat : Nick Matthew

CultureYouth : Joshna Chinappa

The Manhattan Squash Show

PSA’S Beyond the Glass

Bobby and the Wolf : Daryl Selby & Nick Matthew

The Squash Pod :

Scottish Squash the Pod Bean

Comments from the Couch : Cameron Pilley & Daryl Selby