OPINION : Malcolm on Mostafa

If Mostafa Asal represents the future of squash, which is what he appears to believe, then I am glad I am nearer the end than the beginning of my life in the game, says Malcolm Willstrop.

I was appalled at his behaviour on court when I first saw him play in Chicago, and it seems there has been no improvement as he has risen in the world rankings.

Aligning with the deplorable game of football, which condones cheating, fouling and arguing with and disrespect of officials, as well as the puerile behaviour of managers who would be better off confined to the stands, proves how misguided he is.

If sport has any value – and I spend a lot of my time with children – then it is in the values it holds for them : honesty, fair play, respect and modesty.

Squash has been well served by its great players : Jahangir Khan, Jonah Barrington, Geoff Hunt, Peter Nicol, Sarah Fitzgerald, Amr Shabana, Ramy Ashour and modern day Ali Farag, Nour el Sherbini, Raneem el Weleily. So perhaps Mostafa should take a look at them.

He will, no doubt, have his supporters, but I hope there are some who prefer the sportsmen and women I respect and the values I have tried to instil in the players and children I coach.

Even though I am nearer the end than the beginning, sorry to disappoint his supporters, but I am as active as ever coaching and am blessed to have some talented and likeable players to work with.

Malcolm Willstrop

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