Calgary Women’s Squash Week 2024

Calgary Women's Squash Week 2024 : FINAL

[2] Georgia Adderley 3-2 [3] Salma Eltayeb (Egy)  7-11, 11-7, 11-4, 6-11, 11-4 (48m)

Final : Adderley takes the title in five

It was definitely a final to remember here at Women’s Squash Week!

The humility displayed by both players on court was admirable, especially in a match where the pressure was so high. Title sponsor Janice Eby commented “It’s great, especially for these junior girls to see that you can have a good clean game and still have an amazing match. So, thank you for your sportsmanship.”

Salma was smart with her deception in the first game, winning it 11-7. She was often unreadable, and managed to give Georgia the runaround – which was crucial in getting Georgia further away from the ball. As Georgia is know for her ability to retrieve pretty much anything, Salma not only had to hit perfect shots but she also had to get Georgia moving in the wrong direction. If not, Georgia would get to the ball AND put it away.

That was the case in games two and three. Georgia upped her speed and owned the pace of each rally, taking them both 11-7 and 11-4. Georgia had Salma scrambling to deliver, which is not something we’ve seen from her in this tournament yet. As a result, Salma did display some frustrations and disappointment, but it was not enough to throw her focus off entirely.

Salma reclaimed the court and took the fourth game 11-6. When she was on, she was unstoppable. She made the right deceptive choices, hit perfect length and played meticulous drops.

It came right down to the fifth and final game, unclear as to who would make that final push to victory. Georgia wholeheartedly owned it 11-4. Her incredible retrieval was unmatched and there was nothing Salma could do to shake her in the last game. Georgia graciously claimed the 2024 Calgary title, and earned it!

Thank you so much to all of the sponsors, refs, billets, volunteers and spectators. Your time, commitment and support year after year is truly appreciated.

Thanks to all of the professional and amateur players who came out for our 10th Year Anniversary! And what a truly special event it was!

Semis : Adderley ends home hopes as Eltayeb wins all-Egyptian semi

It was an incredible battle between Nicole Bunyan and Georgia Adderley in the first semi final match of the evening.

They both played a clean game, with notable rallies. Lasting over an hour, it was a dual in stamina, and Georgia won 3-1. Nicole did strongly hold her own and made minimal errors. It just wasn’t enough to keep up with Georgia’s determination to go for absolutely everything. She also threw in some impressive dives that won over the crowd.

Nour Heikal, the player who took out the top seed in Friday’s quarter finals, experienced a surprisingly quick 3-0 defeat in her semi final match against Salma Eltayeb.

It’s interesting to see such a drastic change in outcome, but it only showcases the elite level of performance we are getting out of Salma. Her drives are impeccable, her short game is phenomenal, and she has yet to show any real signs of struggle so far this week.

We’re very excited to watch Georgia and Salma go head-to-head in Sunday’s Final. These two forces are bound to deliver a match for the books!

Quarters : Heikal ousts top seed to reach semis

Friday night, the courts were bustling with ladies. We have 75 female participants playing in the amateur tournament this weekend, offering a perfect atmosphere for our ten-year celebration of Women’s Squash Week!

On the PSA side, the quarter finals kicked off with a solid match between Alina Bushma and Nicole Bunyan. Alina and Nicole played a similar style game that made for long and even rallies. They both focused on mainly backhand length, with winners only being attempted when the timing was just right. Alina seemed to be hobbling a bit, in between rallies, but it didn’t show in her overall performance. She still pushed through for every shot. Although Nicole won 3-0, the games were tight and Alina definitely held her own.

Karina Tyma finally met her match against third seed Georgia Adderley. Her fire from the first couple of rounds still burned bright in the first game, but that light quickly dimmed out as she struggled to perform under Georgia’s pressure.

Georgia played quite flawlessly up until 10-4 match point, where she then hit three consecutive tins until finally winning 11-7 off a mishit. It made for a bit of humour and entertainment in what was otherwise an easy 3-0 win for her. Georgia will go up against Nicole in the semi final round.

Salma Eltayeb delivered another high-class match against her opponent Menna Walid. She crushed Menna 11-1 in the first. Menna did manage to find some sort of rhythm in the second game and then almost stole the third. However, Salma didn’t want to offer Menna any chances, so she made the final push to win it 3-0.

The last match of the quarter finals was a major upset for reigning champion and top seed Lucy Turmel, but a big win for Nour Heikal. It was a very close five games, and could have swung either way.

However, it was Nour’s confidence to go after it, and grit to fight for every point, that ultimately won her the match. Nour will face Salma in Saturday’s Semi-Final.


Round Two : Tyma and Heikal take out seeds to reach quarters

It was an exciting start to Thursday’s Round Two ! Karina Tyma showed up just as determined as she was in Round 1. She was quick off the T, laser focused, and played with a keen intensity. She beat opponent Diana Garcia 3-1.

Both Alina Bushma and Georgia Adderley are also advancing to the quarter finals after solid 3-0 wins against their opponents Katerina Tycova and Kiera Marshall.

Menna Walid and Jacqueline Peychar put on a noteworthy show in their fast-paced match. Jacqueline was quick to put everything away, with tight length and low shots to the tin. Nevertheless, her momentum was thrown for a loop when Menna requested time for an injured hamstring after being down 3-6 in the 5th. Menna came back on court and won the match.

It was a heated spectacle between Marie Stephan and Nour Heikal. Delays in the game were causing the most friction, and also a disputed call in the last rally of the first game – that continued on (and off) the court well after the match was over. However, Nour played low and hard and kept the pressure on the whole way through. She did not let up amidst the chaos. She took the win 3-0.

The following match was much more subdued and civilized. Nicole Bunyan brought her fourth Seed A-game and Sarah Cardwell accepted her 0-3 defeat like a champ.

The show stopper tonight would have to be Salma Eltayeb’s 3-0 performance against Ambre Allinckx. Her flawless rhythm around the court was unmatched. She played with such poise and finesse. It was truly inspiring to watch.

Lastly, Lucy Turmel had a bit of a tough match against Saran Nghiem. Saran played with great enthusiasm, and sportsmanship, putting her full efforts into each rally. She did not give in easily against her top seed opponent. Regardless, Lucy remained cool and collected and played a strong and steady game under the pressure. Her refined technical skills and endurance won her the match 3-1.

Next up in Friday’s Quarter Finals we have Nicole Bunyan (CAN) v. Alina Bushma (UKR), Karina Tyma (POL) v. Georgia Adderley (SCO), Menna Walid (EGY) v. Salma Eltayeb (EGY), and Lucy Turmel (ENG) v Nour Heikal (EGY).

Round One :

The courts were buzzing with excitement as we kicked off Day One of the Calgary CFO Consulting Service’s Women’s Squash Week.

The first five matches were quick and one-sided, with the majority of the higher ranked players moving through to the next round. However, Amber Allinckx (SUI) took a major win against Tessa ter Sluis (NED). With a steady hand and sharp mind, Ambre stole her match 3-0.

Things heated up in match #6 when Katerina Tycova (GER) and Ali Loke (WAL) had an intense 4 games. Delivering long and spectacular rallies, both tested each others’ endurance with every play. Katerina took her much deserved sigh of relief after going neck-and-neck against Ali in the fourth game, just squeezing out her 12-10 victory.

Karina Tyma (POL) delivered a strong 3-1 match against Hannah Craig (IRL). Hannah did shake things up a bit in the first game and also kept the pressure on the rest of the way through. However, Karina held her own and pushed a little harder, ultimately tipping the match in her favour.

Topping off Wednesday evening was a fiery last match between Lucia Bautista (COL) and Kiera Marshall (ENG). Kiera took the win against her higher ranked opponent in a very close and thrilling five games.

Advancing from this round are Jacqueline Peychär (AUT), Nour Heikal (EGY), Saran Nghiem (ENG), Ambre Allinckx (SUI), Sarah Cardwell (AUS), Katerina Tycova (GER), Karina Tyma (POL) and Kiera Marshall (ENG).

Good luck in Thursday’s Round Two, ladies!

This year’s Player-Sponsor Meet and Greet was epic! With an awesome turnout, the hosts and helpers put on another memorable party.

Preview : Ten up for Women’s Squash Week in Calgary

We are very excited to welcome everyone back to the 10th annual Calgary CFO Consulting Services Women’s Squash Week! This inspiring pro-am event will be taking place March 13-17, 2024 at the Calgary Winter Club.

Lucy Turmel of England is returning as top seed again this year and will also be defending her 2023 title. She beat Lucy Beecroft 3-2 in last year’s intense final. Joining her this year in the top seeds are Georgia Adderley of Scotland, Salma Eltayeb of Egypt and Canada’s own Nicole Bunyan.

This event was founded back in 2014 by the club’s Assistant Pro Susie King who wanted to bring a unique Pro-Am women’s event to Calgary. A week celebrating and inspiring women and girls in squash, both at the professional and amateur level.

After a few years hiatus, working with another club, Susie has now returned to the Calgary Winter Club as the new Head Pro!

We are looking forward to celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary with her! Welcome back Susie! Your inspiration has held strong!

It’s going to be another incredible week of women’s squash!