Asal Saga: The Father says it’s a conspiracy by Karim Darwish…

Fram Gommendy Reports

After the three months suspension by PSA, young Mr Asal third suspension in a matter of months for nothing less than ‘Physical Abuse’,, ‘Unsportsmanlike Conduct’, ‘Dangerous Play’, one could have expected a bit of remorse or mea culpa from the Asal Camp.

After the usual “I didn’t deserve those punishments” in the Egyptian Media hours before the ban by Young Bully, followed by the list of the countries that begged him to change flag, we had then a lovely attack against the World – literally – from Not That Young Bully, Mr Asal.

Basically, according to him, the bans are planned to damage the career of his son – they are, he says, given right after he wins a big Championship – and to prevent him from getting to world number one.

And that “plot” is, still according to Mr Asal, orchestrated by Karim Darwish, WSF Vice President, and Ali Farag coach/mentor. It’s all a conspiracy, but that his son has the complete support of the Sports Minister “in all matters”…

How can we hope to see Young Mostafa to change and finally become the amazing second-to-none champion we desperately want him to be when he is fed with that kind of line?


And here is the translation

Mahmoud Asal, the father of Mostafa Asal, the star of Al-Ahly Squash Club and currently ranked fourth in the world, commented on his son’s suspension by the Professional Squash Association (PSA) for a period of 12 weeks from participating in PSA tournaments, starting from July 18, in addition to a fine of £5,000.

Mahmoud Asal stated in exclusive statements that the new suspension his son Mostafa received was expected for some time, and there is no surprise in it. He emphasized, “They are trying in every way to destroy the future of my son, the Egyptian world champion, and prevent him from reaching the top again.”

He added, “This is the third suspension that Mostafa Asal has faced in his career, and in a short period of time. It always comes after he achieves a major championship, approaches the top world ranking, or takes the top position. The suspension is imposed to hinder him in favour of competing club players.”

He continued, “There is a clear conflict of interests with Karim Darwish, who holds multiple positions that do not align with the common interests clause. He is the coach of Wadi Degla Squash Club, a personal coach for one of the players in the world rankings, and he is the Vice President of the International Federation with strong ties to the Professional Squash Association. He benefits from organising all tournaments in Egypt, hence, there are shared interests at the expense of Mostafa Asal’s future and violations of financial and administrative rules, and this weakens the competition in the tournaments.”

He further stated, “Al-Ahly Club and the Ministry of Sports support Mostafa in all matters and stand by his side, but the Squash Association does not support its own player and seeks to destroy the future of an Egyptian champion after the naturalization of the Shorbagy brothers, Mohamed and Marwan, for England. The Professional Squash Association is attempting to disable Mostafa and eliminate Egyptian squash in favour of a single competitor.”

He concluded, “Mostafa Asal will continue to represent Egypt and Al-Ahly Club and will continue to face all circumstances and the deliberate war against him to destroy him. He will reclaim the number one spot because he is a talented Egyptian champion who deserves all the support.”