Barbados Open Final

Final: Delierre beats Gordon in final

Top seeds through to semis

THe top four seeds will contest the semi-finals in Barbados after comfortable quarter-final wins for Shawn Delierre, Lyell Fuller, Chris Gordon and Rui Soares.

Lyell Fuller 3-0 Alex Noakes

How Was the match ?

Lyell Fuller: the match was good, I know Alex very well from juniors and growing up together, so we know each other’s game.

Will you be back in Barbados to participate again?

This is my second time, I definitely would…yeah I would especially if they raised it to a 10 k

Since I’m going up in the ranking now, so I’m going to play bigger tournaments,  but this is one of my favorite tours, everyone looks after you very well.

Shawn Delierre 3-0 Ronald Palomino

Shawn: the game was pretty good for me in the start of that match Ronald was shooting and faking and picking up and retrieving and I just wanted to call my mommy and see what she could do, but I’m too old for that and I realize that.

What I put together was a compromised plan of hitting some straight lines and closing the court a lot more… cause I knew he was so talented.

I just kept close and kept it out of his hands and slowly but surely luck went my way…but I still kept shooting as well but within reason, cause I like to have it fast and easy. I really enjoyed my game today… I came out on top by following that disciplined, compromised plan.

Will you be coming back to Barbados to participate in this tournament again ?

The hospitality here has been out of this world guysm our room is fully taken care of so come down to Barbados. I’d love to come back.

Christopher Gordon 3-0 Felipe Tovar

Chris: Yeah I think it was quite good …it was quite fair… both of us tried to play everything.
This is the first time I’ve seen him play and obviously the first time I’ve played him, so I’m happy to finish in three games.

Will you be back to play this tournament ?

Hopefully, this is my second year back on tour as well and that’s why I’m here again. It is such a nice tournament, I love the island, it’s great.

It almost doesn’t feel like a tournament, it’s so nice outside, with the beach and everything, so yeah for sure, I’ll be back.

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