Celebrations – #1


My favourite celebration was Mostafa Asal’s BlackBall win against Ali Farag I have to say. The way the boy flew up to the wall was truly impressive and never over the top. Quite subdued for him, actually, if you compare it with his previous displays…

But I actually was more impressed by the young Bull when he lost to the same opponent a few days later in Gouna. His frank and impulsive embrace of Ali showed how incredible kind Mostafa is in his heart. And I actually melted.


Then, the Terminator win at the Worlds was my winner. To see the “Poker Face” Nouran bursting into tears after clinching her first World Title in 4 finals was a very intense moment for all present.

Funny that both Ali and Nour El Sherbini mentioned the pressure of other people’s expectations had put on their shoulders. Talking about records to both of them was just a bit too heavy I feel… And led us to new champions.


But call off the dogs. The Award for the best celebration goes to Diego and his Coach/Dad, Jose Manuel. Both of them were in tears; it was an incredible moment for both. “Him and I against the World” was the gist of Jose Manuel’s message after the match.