Coaching #2: Greg Gaultier, Rodney Martin

Greg Gaultier pretty busy!

Greg seemed to have made a good choice when he went to live in Prague close to his wife’s family. He now has a nice bunch of players of all nationalities, including Mohamed ElShorbagy, Tinne Gilis, Leandro Romiglio (who beat Miguel Rodriguez in the Worlds Round One), Juan Camillo Vargas, both of the last two working also with French Joan Lezaud.

And of course, the World Number One, Nour El Sherbini (who also still works with Alexandrian based Ahmed Shohayeb).

Rodney Martin is too!

If Olivia Weaver was working with Peter Nicol up to several months ago, she now has added Rodney Martin to her team, a move that took her to the Worlds’ Semis, only falling to Nour El Sherbini in 70m. That can’t be bad, surely!

Rodney was a busy bee on that event, supporting Paul Coll in the absence of Rob Owen, and coaching Olivia, and also Caroline Fouts, the young American coming up junior.

As you read in my previous post, he was coaching Nouran for several months, and made a few crucial changes to her game.