Coaching #3: Karim Darwish, Hesham Effat and more…

Karim Darwish



It’s so good to have Hesham back from the States.

Described by the Godfather of Squash Mr Hussein Abaza as “the purest soul he knows”, Hesham is coaching a few girls like Nada Abbas, Hana Ramadan, Nadine Shahin, but I am especially impressed by the aura he is dispatching on Aly Abou El Eleinen, one of the players I feel could reach the top of the rankings in a foreseeable future.


Not only Engy is the coach that took the Women Egyptian Team to Gold in the World Teams back in December 2022, but she is also coaching with grace and a remarkable calming effect Nour El Tayeb and Tinkerbell Rowan ElAraby.

Both players are extremely tense and anxious ladies, and Engy manages to calm them and relaxes them. She is going an extraordinary work with both ladies.

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