Czech Open 2022

Swiss Open 2022 : FINALS

[2] Torrie Malik (Eng) 3-0 [1] Tessa ter Sluis (Ned)  11-6, 11-5, 18-16 (27m)

[1] Nicolas Mueller (Sui) 3-1 [8] Dimitri Steinmann (Sui)  10-12, 11-5, 11-6, 11-8 (61m)

Mueller wins all-Swiss final as Malik topples to seed in Brno

The 2022 Swiss Open concluded with top seed Nicolas Mueller beating compatriot Dimitri Steinmann in an all-Swiss men’s final, while England’s Torrie Malik beat top seed Tessa ter Sluis in straight games to claim the women’s title.

Ter Sluis : My first PSA final, it took me a while. Congrats Torrie for winning her first title. Unfortunately I am not happy with my performance. I only started to get into it in the last game and that was simply too late.

Malik : First PSA Title yay. Really happy with myself this week here in Brno. Couldn’t have asked for a better tournament. Happy to have won 3-0 in the final. Well played Tessa.

Mueller : I’m very happy to win for the second time. Dimi’s a very strong player it was a tough match. I lost the first game and I put as much work as possible into his legs. I was very happy that I managed to be fit to it again and win that game. I always love to come back to Brno, everyone makes me welcome.

Steinmann : It’s always tough to play Nicy, he played very well today, he made me work but I enjoyed it I enjoyed those battles. I love coming here, actually family of my mother comes from Brno so feels a bit like home.

Day FOUR, Semi-Finals

It’s an all-Swiss men’s final in Brno as Nicolas Mueller and Dimitri Steinmann win their semi-finals. The women’s final will be between the top two seeds, Tessa ter Sluis and Torrie Malik.

Torrie Malik 3-0 Alison Thomson
Thomson: I played bad, was an off day for me. Torrie played well.
Malik: Really happy to win in 3 games today. Really pleased with how I played. Looking forward to
playing in the finals tomorrow.

Tessa ter Sluis 3-0  Juliette Permentier
Ter Sluis: I played alright today, it is always tough to play against another Dutch player on the tour. I
am really happy to be through to my first PSA final
Permentier: A bit disappointed that I did not play my best today. But overall I had a great tournament especially with my win yesterday and I am hungry for more.

Nicolas Mueller 3-0 Rui Soares
Mueller: That was a very good day at the office today. Basically I could miss out there. I knew going in that he has already played 3 tough matches, so my goal was it to test his movement early on. Then u just kept hitting winner, so I decided to keep going for them…
Soares: I tried my best out there but Nicky was just too accurate and didn´t let me settled in the
match. Still very pleased with how I played and pushed in this event and will be back soon I am sure.
Great tournament, really enjoyed my first time here.

Dimitri Steinmann 3-2 Raphael Kandra
Steinmann: Happy to win and make it into another Czech Open Final. Always a good Game with
Ralphi with some good Squash. Glad with my physicality and mental performance and looking
forward to another swiss final! Hopp Schwiiz.
Kandra: Disappointed of course… Felt physically good in the fifth but completely lost my focus and
length. Shame I could bring it over the finish line. Next up Singapore to get a chance to produce
decend squash again. May the better Swiss win tomorrow.

Day THREE, Quarter-Finals

Torrie Malik  3-0 Ona Blasco
Blasco: Not my best match but it’s always a pleasure to play with such a great player. See you next time!!!
Malik: really happy with my 3-0 win today to put me through to the semifinals tomorrow. Ona Blasco is a great player only being 15 years old, so well played. I’m excited for tomorrow.

Alison Thomson 3-0 Tamara Holzbauerove
Thomson: I’m very happy with how I played, never played Tamara before and I thought she played well as she brought out the best squash of me. So I’m happy to win 3-0 and I’m looking forward to play Torrie tomorrow in the semi-finals, should be a good match.
Holzbauerova: Today I lost, but I am happy how I played today, and also happy I got new experience in this tournament, it was the most important for me. It was very hard match. My opponent played very well today and I wish her good luck for next matches.

Juliette Permentier 3-2 Anastasia Kostiukova
Permentier: Really happy to win this one and reach the semis. In a way funny to play another Dutchie tomorrow. Excited for it

Tessa ter Sluis 3-1 Ellie Jones
Ter Sluis: pleased to go through the semis in four. Not quite happy with me performance today but there were some positive things I am taking with me for tomorrow. Ellie played well today and we had nice long rallies. Time to step up my game to play against Dutchwoman Juliette.
Jones: Although I am disappointed to have lost in four games, I am happy with how I played for most of the match and there are some positives for me to take away. Tessa played well and I wish her luck for the semifinal.

Nicolas Mueller 3-1 George Parker 
Mueller: very happy with my performance today, we played a fair match with hardly and decision pretty unusual for 2 big guys.. had a big lead in the 4th being 9-4 up, probably switched off my brain a bit too early, let him back in and at 9-9 it was anyone’s game really…..
Parker: Good game enjoyed it on to the next one

Rui Soares 3-0 Cesar Salazar
Salazar: I think it was a tough match against Rui, he won the first game and he won more confidence I was a little bit nervous in the 2nd game and start better with more intensity and I found my pace. It was very important for me to win the 2nd game and in the 3rd game it was very close. I made mistakes, it was very important in the 3rd game, he’s still fighting after he won the 3rd game so I tried to keep my focus on the match. In the 4th game I had a good start and won fast point. In the 5th game I was trying to push myself to win the match playing points with good experience. I was 9-5 he did a good winner shot, after it I think he put pressure on me and he did the best shots to win the match.
Soares: Really happy to win today, probably one of the best wins for me in PSA if not the best. Cesar is one of the players I always enjoyed watching and am really pleased to be able to push till the end and win in such a close match. Looking forward to play tomorrow and keep enjoying my squash this week.

Dimitri Steinmann 3-1 Curtis Malik
Malik: Tough loss today against a strong Dimitri. Gave away too many cheap points early on in each game. Felt a little flat from the start so I needed to find my range even better to get myself into it. Enjoyed my time here at the Czech Open and look forward to coming back.
Steinmann: Good performance today. Relaxed too much after the first game which allowed him to get into the match. Kept the intensity up high and kept him under pressure the whole time. Looking forward to the semis tmrw.

Raphael Kandra 3-1 Nathan Lake
Lake: Good match, always clean and hard fought matches. I feel my level coming back and matches like this are exactly what I need. Hats of to Roman and his team here in Brno they have put on a great event.
Kandra: Tough match, tough opponent. We had some really hard fought matches in the past. So I knew it will be hard till the end. Glad I got the win. Next up against Dimi tomorrow. We just recently played at the Grasshopper Cup 2 weeks ago, where I came short. So it’s time to turn it around…

Watch the Quarters Replays

Day TWO :  Men’s Round Two, Women’s Round One

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Torrie Malik 3-0  Riana Alexova
Malik: happy to be through to the 2nd round. Looking forward to my match tomorrow. Well played Riana.
Alexova: I’m very glad for this opportunity to play on the home courts. Torrie plays very good squash, she’s a few levels higher than me. I’m glad that I could at least in the third set get to play.

Ona Blasco 3-2 Tereza Sikora 
Siroka: Even though I lost 2-3 I am very happy with the match. It was a very difficult match. I was losing 0-2 but I managed to concentrate and tied to 2-2. Unfortunately the fifth set wasn’t good. Congrats to Ona, she’s very talented.

Blasco: It was a very long match and I enjoyed every minute of it. I started 2 – 0 up and ended up winning 3 – 2. I´m looking forward to my match tomorrow against seed number 2.

Alison Thomson 3-0 Sofie Hausknotzova
Thomson: I really enjoyed my match against the young junior Czech girl. I’m happy to be through into the quater-final match and overall happy with my performance.

Hausknotzova: I’m so happy with my performance. I played beyond my expectations, my opponent was really good so it was very difficult match.

[5] Tamara Holzbauerove 3-2 Milena Velchyko
Velychko: This is my first PSA tournament of this level of organisation. It was really interesting to play with experienced players and enjoy the game

Holzbauerova: Today it was hard match, I didn’t feel on 100% fit, but I won 3:2. I am looking forward on next match tomorrow. I will play my best in the match.

Anastasia Kostiukova 3-1 Karolina Sramokova (Cze)
Kostiukova: I’m happy to win my first match here in Brno very nice people and tournament. First game I was not really into it but I found myself to play smart and change it and win in 3-1.

Sramkova: Grateful that I could played in this tournament, it’s a great opportunity. Even though I lost I am happy with my match.

Juliette Permentier 3-0 Suzanne Peters 
Permentier: Very glad I won my first match. Never fun to play another Dutch woman. Going to give my best tomorrow in the quarters. And I love to back in Czech Republic.

Peters: I am really happy that I got in this tournament last minute. It is my first 3k so a lot to learn here. Shame I had to play a Dutch girl but I am happy with the way I played.

Tessa ter Sluis 3-0 Kiara Kohlerova 
Ter Sluis: Happy to be back here in Brno. I am pleased to have won my first round 3-0. I did not know my opponent, so you always have to see who you are playing again. Excited for the quarter final tomorrow.

Kohlerova: I am very grateful for playing in this tournament, it’s great experience. I lost the first round but I really enjoyed the match. At least I know what to train in future.

Ellie Jones 3-0 Alina Poessl
Poessl: I have never played my Ellie before and was really looking forward to playing her. Unfortunately I couldn´t play my best squash today and it ended out 3:0 for her. She played very good and I wish her good luck tomorrow.

Jones: I am happy to have won my first round match in three games, I am pleased with how I played as I have never played her before. I am looking forward to the quarter final tomorrow.

Nicolas Mueller 3-1 Lucas Serme
Mueller: Glad I won that match 3-0, was quite the battle out there today. Started off really well in the first raced to an early lead and was in full control. In contrast, 2nd and 3rd games I was always down and had to come from behind to win those 2 tie breaks, simply played the big points better this time, guess that’s what made the difference.

Serme: It was a good match I think. I had a slow start but I’m happy with how I managed to change my tactic in the next two games. Frustrated not to have been able to win these two tie-breaks but it showed me what I have to improve and I’m looking forward to getting back to work and keep on improving.

Cesar Salazar 3-0 Sam Todd
Salazar: I tried to start very focus on my strategy, I think that the first game was very important. I tried to play a long rallies with good intensity, because I think the intensity in my match was very important because Sam Todd is very dangerous player, playing slow pace. After the first points I saw that he was a little bit tired and not comfortable with the pace. After the first game I won more confidence on my shot on my movement and I played my best squash. In the third game he made important mistakes because he was tired I knew that he was playing his best squash because he played very good tournaments in the past, he won important matches so I think today was a good day for me because I bit a good player.

Todd: congrats to Salazar for winning he was the better player today and didn’t really let me get into the match.

Rui Soares 3-1 Karim El Hammamy
Hammamy: Really enjoyed my stay in Brno. Tried my best in today match but all credit to Rui who did really well today.

Soares: Really happy to win today against Karim. He is a very dangerous player and last time I lost to him a couple of months ago. In general was a great match and managed to keep my game plan which I think worked well. Really looking forward for tomorrow

George Parker 3-0 Martin Svec
Parker: great game he played well happy to win in 3 games

Svec: Tough game, George is very good around the middle and it is very difficult to get in front of him. Too bad I couldn’t take that 3rd game but overall very happy with how I played here. Enjoyed every second of playing in Brno in my home club in front of my friends and family. Definitely my favourite tournament on tour. So I would like to thank Squash Viktoria for making this event possible and I hope to be back next year and maybe get one round further!! Thanks Brno

Curtis Malik 3-1 Omar Mosaad
Mosaad: well, not my day at all stuck in traffic about an hour and 15 min. Give me only 15 min before my match and had an injury a few days before the tournament but he played really well. All credit to him.

Malik: Really happy to get the win today against Mosaad. My first top 20 win so far in my career, atmosphere here at the club makes it really enjoyable to play and can’t wait to come back tomorrow for the quarter finals.

Dimitri Steinmann 3-2 Ronald Palomino
Steinmann: I am very happy with my win today against Ronald. He’s a tricky player with a lot of skills and potential. Glad I was able to turn the tide in my favour with a burst of testosterone and adrenaline in the fifth. Thanks for all the support. Hopp Schwiiz!

Palomino: the match was so difficult for my, Dimitri is to strong and he put his swing all the match and need to train more and keep going with me squash.

Raphael Kandra 3-0 Juan Camilo Vargas
Kandra: happy to get through in straight games. Vargas is a very talented and experience player and we know each other game. I move on and looking forward to tomorrows match in the quarters. Tune in and enjoy (-:

Vargas: It was a good match I am just bummed that I couldn’t get the second game as I think that would have helped me a lot in the overall result. Kandra is an experienced player and he showed it in the key moments of the match. I look forward to more matches against these higher ranked players.

Nathan Lake 3-1 Emyr Evans
Lake: Pleased to come through today, I knew it would be tough as Emyr is a tough competitor and he had a good win yesterday. I couldn’t lose my focus for second as I knew he’d take the opportunity to get back into the match. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Day ONE :  Home favourite Svec advances in Brno

Martin Svec 3-0 Bernat Jaume

Svec: Amazing feeling to get a win over top 60 player in my home club in front of my family and friends! Felt really good on court today. Can’t wait to get on court again tomorrow.

Jaume: happy to come to Brno once again, wasn´t meant to be this time. Hope to come back next year.

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Rui Soares 3-1 Ben Coleman 

Soares: Really happy to win today against Ben. We train together and know each other’s game very well so I knew it was going to be a tough one. I felt like I played well and managed to keep my focus at the end of the games witch I think it made the difference. Looking forward for tomorrow

Coleman: Starting to feel happier with my game and for parts of the match played with a lot of quality that is needed. Rui in the end played the big points better and got a lucky shot as well. Best of luck to him now for the rest.

Emyr Evans 3-2 Nick Wall

Evans: very pleased with the win today. Nick has been cleaning up winning titles the past year so to get the win feels good. I feel at times I’ve played this level but perhaps not being able to convert on the tour with wins. Looking forward to playing Nathan tomorrow.

Sam Todd 3-0 Dariusz Filipowski

Todd: happy to get the win today, never played him before so didn’t know what to expect playing the wild card happy to keep my concentration today and getting used to the court to then progress onto round two tomorrow.

Filipowski: I am really excited to play in my first PSA challenger tour. My opponent played very well and was really tough for me to earn some points but I am still happy to play and earn experience with world class players.

Lucas Serme 3-1 Daniel Mekbib

Mekbib: I am disappointed that I lost, but I left it all on the court. I felt that I was playing better squash, but made too many mistakes that cost me the games in the end. I feel like my squash is getting better, but I need to execute the ends of games better. Lucas is a great player and he knows how to play in tough moments, all credit to him. Hope to play in front of the home crowd next year.

Serme: It’s never easy to play Daniel in Brno as he seems to play a little bit better with the support of his friends and family here. So I’m even happier to make it through to the next round, I was a bit nervous at times and I had to push hard to stick to the game plan and win today.

Curtis Malik 3-0 Yannick Wilhelmi

Wilhelmi: Had some good phases in my match but couldn´t use them good enough. He played a solid game. Hopefully next time I can do better again.

Malik: Pleased to get through in 3 games today. Length hitting and volleying was good which kept me in front most of the match. Need to keep that level of quality going again tomorrow in my next match. Loving the atmosphere here in Brno.

Ronald Palomino 3-0 Jakub Solnicky

Palomilo: I am so happy for this win and can’t wait for the next round. The first two games was so difficult but I managed to get the win.

Solnicky: Hard match against a young guy, he improved very much in last year so I knew it’s gonna be hard, I didn’t start the match well but then I found my length and it was a close match so I’m happy that I started playing good squash after the terrible first half of the first game but it wasn’t enough today and I’m looking forward to the next week (I’m playing 20k in France)

Juan Camilo Vargas 3-2 Ivan Perez

Vargas: It was a brutal match against Ivan, he’s a great fighter and we both gave it everything today. I’m happy that I improved my squash throughout the match and was able to come down from 2-0 down to take it in 5 games.

Perez: really tough match and hard to swallow, after leading 2-0 and feeling good, I just couldn’t handle the pressure in the crucial points, where he played much better. All credits to Juan it’s never easy to come back from that.