David Palmer : where are the American men ?

In the latest two-part interview by Alix Williams on ‘The Show Court’,  Australian legend David Palmer talks about his career, his coaching at Cornell University, and how the U.S. is ramping up …

Only the strong survive. As a squash player, David Palmer was the master of digging deep, finding ways to capitalize on his strengths and come back to win crucial matches. He has pulled out wins when many would have counted him out. Twice in World Opens, he went from being down match point, to taking the title in five game battles (once against John White in 2002 and again against Grégory Gaultier in 2006). The victories established that if anyone could pull out a win in decided moments of pressure, it was David Palmer.

“My coach, Joe Shaw, that’s how he built me. His theory was to be the fittest player, to keep the ball in play and not to make mistakes.”

Palmer knows as well as anyone how legePalmer on The Show Court : Australian legend David Palmer talks about his career, his coaching at Cornell University, and how the U.S. is ramping up …nds are made so it’s fitting that his role includes guiding a new generation of potential squash heroes, passing on his signature formula of succeed at all costs squash. With a pin point perspective on the current state of squash, he knows exactly what the pros need to do to win, and has a prediction about one of squash’s most pressing questions – where are the US men?

Alix on the interview :

I could have asked David Palmer a thousand more questions than I did. He has a massive knowledge base about the game that he’s eager to share, and I was left with the impression that David is exactly where he should be, downloading that knowledge to the next generation of squash greats.

“I’m not recruiting anyone to go pro – I just want them to give me their best four years.

“There are some American kids who want to play, but they’re still in the college phase. In two years time, it will be different.”

Going through my notes was even more challenging than the interview itself. He thinks deeply about squash, and we had a few more complex tangents that required a lot of reflection.

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