Dominican Open Final : Crouin collects

Final : Top seed Crouin claims the title

Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

Final: [1] Víctor Crouin (Fra) 3-0 [3] Mario Yáñez (Mex) 11-3,11-4,11-8 (37m)

After the previous matches, which adds 177 minutes for the Mexican on the court and only 60 for the French, the difference in the attack balls. The Frenchman is very solid and consistent, fast and forceful in drops and balls of attack in blows of two walls. The Mexican no longer looked as fast as in his previous games and the French instead was always convinced of his ability.

Unlike the drop it was practical and effective to continue long in the second.

For the third, the security and mental strength of Crouin continued to add in his favor and although Yáñez was used to find better blows to counter his rival, the French remained faithful to his strategy by attacking with precision, changing rhythm and pressing the Mexican who Adding mistakes made it possible for the French to win the first professional tournament in the Dominican Republic.

Semis: Crouin to face Yanez in final

Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

Mario Yáñez (MEX) 3-1 Chris Gordon (USA)

Very fast the Mexican and very strong the North American made very long rallies forcing errors and winning balls of great invoice. It was more consisting of the Mexican to add the first game that was very tiring for both.

Sign Gordon for the second was ahead with pressure, but winning balls of drops to the nick of Yanez matched the game. For the outcome it was Gordon who applied in his attack to match. A surprise drop ball crossed by the drive showed the start of the third with more firmness for the Mexican, who after moves full of magic, speed and reaction took the lead.

After the wear of the three games so intense had to take a risk and Gordon became firmer, but Yanez never fainted to become strong in his winning conviction and define in his favor a high level game.

Victor Crouin (FRA) 3-1 Henrik Mustonen (FIN)

More firm in the definition and the attack, the Frenchman, with great physical deployment, speed and precision, was undermining the strength of the Finn and with successive winning balls he made the initial advantage.

More ductile and fluid on the court, Crouin, despite some starting errors, again applied its speed to counterattack and continued long anticipating and defining in tie break.

Despite the resistance of Mustonen, the game was already beginning to be defined with the great quality of the French in the attack and definition generating wear after each rally with balloons in the background and pressure of attack on two-wall balls.

Quarters : Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

Mario Yañez (Mex) 3-2 Lyell Fuller (Eng)

The long rallies, with more than 20 shots almost always, ended up favoring In the first game to the English, in Reason of its permanent advance to cut the ball and Define with precision in the attack, forcing Errors in the Mexican.

With more deep game the Mexican strengthened to reduce the possibilities of advance and after some dubious moves with a line of his favor, he managed to partially level to 1. Roses and discussions managed to deconcentrate the English, who yielded the third with successive errors and the speed of Yañez’s game.

For the fourth, the Englishman returned and changed equality by imposing his style again by cutting and anticipating the worn-out Mexican. For the final,

The English continued with Consistency and Security Until 10-7, When the Mexican managed to FIND HIS Best shots and IN Errors of the English Seal an epic triumph in the tie break of the best game Until the moment of the tournament.

Victor Crouin (Fra) 3-0 Javier Martín (Esp)

Solid, experienced and very firm in his attack balls, the Frenchman demonstrated why he is the 1st seed of the Dominican tournament. The Spaniard looked anxious in the first two games, but when he settled on the court, pressing the Frenchman, who showed an exceptional level. The Spanish undoubtedly became the revelation of the tournament and was the only player of the first round who played quarter-finals.

Chris Gordon (Usa) 3-1 Robertino Pezzota (Arg)

The regional classic between the Argentine and the North American was a great game of excellent level with a proposal of deep game and changes of pace that showed great physical strength in Gordon for the first game. Huge physical deployment of Pezzota to reach winning balls and turn them into pressure for his rival which made it possible to temporarily match a vibrant game of power to power in parallel and crusades.

Inaccurate in the definition, the Argentine allowed the advantage of a Gordon who became more consistent in his proposal. For the final game, disputes over arbitration decisions intensified, but it was the speed of Gordon, who with great physical deployment was undermining Pezzota’s forces.

Henrik Mustonen (Fin) 3-1 Leandro Romiglio (Arg)

The speed, concentration and good definition of Romiglio made it possible to add the first game against a Finn who looked slow in his reactions, but change for the second became strong in his drop attack balls with well-armed rallies, defining for the same partial and then continued to fine tune the precision of their attacks in very tight drops with enormous security in their blows to add the advantage, which became final in the room thanks to a great speed, timely reaction and precise strokes that were frustrating the Argentine .