European Team Championships 2020

The Championships are cancelled/postponed due to the Cortonavirus outbreak

The European Team Champs heads for Eindhoven from 29th April to 2nd May, with teams competing for the Men’s and Women’s Division One and Two titles …

Sjef van der Heijden, owner of Squashtime Eindhoven:

The sporting world has been hit hard by the measures governments’ have put in place. For the first time, sport in the Netherlands has been brought to a complete standstill. This is an unprecedented situation for the Netherlands. The organisation recognises its shared responsibility towards stakeholders, players and visitors.

Protecting public health and taking the steps necessary to combat the virus as best as we can are of the utmost important, and the professional world of squash must act responsibly in this situation. As an organisation, we do not see any other alternative than to delay the EK.

Later, when we are able to hold the tournament, we plan on making it the greatest squash party in Europe.

We’ll – hopefully – be covering the event on site from the Netherlands, at the SquashTime club and from the Klokgebouw nightclub

ETC 2019 Edgbaston

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ETC 2019 Edgbaston