Granite Open : Cornett claims the title

Sam Cornett is the Granite Open Champion

Top seed and home favourite Sam Cornett didn’t drop a game on the way to claiming her 12th PSA title as she beat first-time PSA finalist Jazz Hutton.

Sam Cornett 3-0 Jasmine Hutton

Finals night in the Granite Squash Lounge was full of excitement. A packed crowd of sponsors, members and lots of juniors kept the room “buzzing” (as Sam noted in her final speech).

Sam went out firing, volleying, defending when she needed, counter-dropping to perfection, and getting every ball back. She kept so much pressure on Jasmine from the start that Jasmine could never really get into the match.

Jasmine is so fast and strong, what a terrific young athlete. We look forward to seeing her for many more years. Thanks so much for a great match players!

It was such a nice night, culminating in Sam’s first Granite Open win!

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It’s Sam and Jazz in Granite final

Top seed and home favourite Sam Cornett is set to meet England’s Jasmie Hutton for the Granite Open title.

Sam Cornett 3-0 Anna Kimberley

Sam had lots of support in the crowd. Her former Canadian team mates, Steph Edmison and Miranda Ranieri report:

Sam dominated from the start with aggressive volleying, tactical shot selection, and mental toughness. It was very exciting to watch!

“Really happy with that match and can’t wait to play the granite open final!” Sam

Jasmine Hutton 3-1 Sarah Cardwell

Jasmine came out with tons of pace and speed and seemed to catch Sarah a bit flat-footed, winning the first two games. Sarah got progressively more used to the game and took the third game with ease.

But Jasmine came out with renewed energy in the fourth and although the game stayed tight until 4-4, Jasmine pulled away to win the game and the match.

Sam & Nikki report on the Quarters

Sarah Cardwell 3-0 Maria ToorPakay
A very close first two games. Sarah worked Maria around the court, and Maria slotted some winners!
But the corner to corner running was too much for Maria and unfortunately she had to concede the match. Sarah looked calm, cool, and collected on her way to the semis.
Jasmine Hutton 3-0 Marie Stephan
Jasmine kept things crisp, and kept the pace high. Marie couldn’t get a foothold in this match and appeared frustrated. Straightforward win to put Jasmine through to the semis vs Sarah!
Sam Cornett 3-0 Diana Garcia

Sam kept the pace of the match high and looked to cut things off straight. This kept Diana on her back foot and she couldn’t get in front to impose her power game. Sam is through to the semis!

Jessica Turnbull 3-1 Anna Kimberley

Jess’s powerful volleys and precision short game looked to be taking her towards a W after a convincing first game. But Anna pushed back, hard! Each game was really closely contested, and the rallies were long with lots of retrieving. Anna made very few errors and made good decisions.

In the fourth game, Anna had a solid lead at match ball, but Jess wasn’t finished yet and worked hard to try to get herself into a fifth game situation, just missing out. A good performance from Anna to get through the higher seed to the final four!

French Stephan dumps 50% of the Canadian Hopes at the Granite Club

Round Two of the Granite Open in Toronto saw a big upset with France’s Marie Stephan taking out second seed Nikki Todd to quash hopes of an all-Canadian final.

Sam & Nikki report on Round Two

Diana Garcia 3-1 Nessrine Ariffin
The first two games in this match had some great rallies and neat flicks; unfortunately Nessrine made a few too many unforced errors.
In the third, Nessrine jumped out to a big 6-1 lead but made a few poor decisions and unforced errors to let Diana get six straight points and a 7-6 lead.
Nessrine got her head back into the match and won the third 11-9. In the fourth game, Diana took a 4-0 lead and did not look back, closing out the game and the match 11-3.

Sarah Cardwell 3-2 Julia Le Coq

Sarah got off to a nice start with conservative squash, good volleys and smart tactics to take the first game. The second game was a back and forth battle where both players worked really hard and played long rallies. Julia squeaked that one out.

In the third, it seemed like the second game might have taken a toll on Sarah as Julia took a 7-0 lead. Sarah came back, but not enough as Julia won the third. The fourth game went back and forth forever with tight rallies but Sarah managed to get the game.
And the fifth started off nice and feisty but the girls settled in to a great game with tough rallies all the way to an exciting 13-11 finish!
Maria Toorpakai 3-0 Jelena Dutina

Jelena was not able to get herself into this match with Maria’s quick hitting and accurate winners. Even after a silly accident left Maria trying to stop her nose from bleeding by the end of three minute injury period, she still managed to stay in control of the game and the match winning 3-0 in 19 minutes.

Jasmine Hutton 3-0 Amina El Rihany

Jasmine was all over the young Egyptian from point 1. Her straight length set up every rally, she volleyed everything, put her drops in quickly and with a couple of hold cross court flicks she takes it 3-0!

“Felt good out there today, she’s young and a very good player so I’m happy to win in 3.”

Sam Cornett 3-0 Nadiia  Usenko
Sam controlled game one with mixed pace, great length, and beautiful volley drops.Go go gadget arms Cornett uses her wing span to volley everything in the second and she’s up 2-0!

Nadia used some nice kills and cross court nicks but wasn’t able to get Sam out of position enough to take a game.

“Very happy to be playing at home at the Granite, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!”
Anna Kimberley 3-0 Mary Fung-a-Fat
Anna dominated the T from the start of the match. Mary played well, made some terrific gets, but could not keep up with Anna’s pace, volleys and straight lines through the court.

“Particularly in the second game, Mary played much better than she has in the past against me so I had to really re-focus for the third”
Jessica Turnbull 3- Yemsi Olatunji

The match started with Jess hitting lots of great shots, only for Yemisi to pick up everything! But as the match went along, Jess dominated the T, made some great choices and was just too strong for Yemisi today.

Marie Stephan 3-0 Nikki Todd

Nikki was excited to play in front of the home crowd. All of the kids were lined up in the front row to cheer her on. Nikki had strings of amazing points to get her to 8-4 in several games. BUT, could only capitalize on the lead in the third game.

“Happy to make the quarters, a good win against Nikki, she’s a solid player. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

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Sam & Nikki report on Round One

Nadiia Usenko 3-0 Jasmin Ballmann
This match started off looking like the makings of a five-gamer. Jasmin looked crisp, and was making Nadiia move around the whole court. But Nadiia turned things around, and never looked back. She moved well and hit good dying length and drops, and Jasmin couldn’t keep up today.

Nessrine Ariffin 3-0 Brianna Jefferson
Brianna started all 3 games strong with some solid length and some good holds, but Nessrine found her groove and controlled the rallies until she was able to attack. Brianna’s first time on a 17 inch tin and she struggled to pick up Nessrines quick drops and trickle boasts.  Nessrine moves through to the next round 3-0.

“Happy to be through round one, excited to be playing a new opponent tomorrow”

Julia Le Coq 3-1 Marina De Juan Gallach
A good, athletic match. Julia had more consistent length and moved Marina farther into the corners.   Match to Julia 3-1

Mary Fung-A-Fat 3-1 Erica McGliilcuddy
Mary started a little nervous and Erica looked confident with her length and kills. Erica takes the first game 11-5. Second game and Erica is opening up the court too soon letting Mary use her on point short game. Mary wins game 2, 11-5.

A few too many unforced errors from Mary and Erica is leading the third 8-4, but after some solid length and perfect volley drops Mary has game ball. Erica’s signature cross court drop ties the game 10-10 and after two well structured rallies from Mary she wins 12-10 and leads 2-1.

Mary comes out all business in the fourth with again an amazing short game and takes the last game 11-6. 41 minute match.

Yemisi Olatunji 3-2 Molly Chadwick

The first two games Molly played solid patient squash with good length and nice attacks off the volley. Molly takes game one 13-11 and game 2 11-6.

Yemisi didn’t give up, retrieved well, and smashed some forehand kills to take the last 3 games 11-6,11-4,11-9. This was the tightest and most intensely contended match of the day, entertaining our viewers for 59 minutes!

Maria Tooppakai Wazir 3-0 Arisha Khan
Maria didn’t move well but she didn’t need to. Her shots were precise and the rallies were short. A bit of contact kept Arisha off balance; she wasn’t able to impose her game and get comfortable.  “Keep cheering for me,” says Maria.  Match to Maria 3-0

Amina El Rihany 3-0 Charlotte Orcutt
This match started out very even with the girls trading points to 6-6. Amina was able to get ahead to reach game ball but Charlotte clawed her way back to even the score at 10-10. It wasn’t enough to scare Amina though as she won the next two points to take the first game. The second game was more of the same tough hard-hitting length and straight drops, with the girls trading winners and errors through to an 11-9 win for Amina.

But in the third, Amina pulled away to take a 7-2 lead and Char couldn’t find her way back into the match. It was a nice opportunity for the fans to see what a great future squash continues to have, with these two girls just 16 and 17 years old.

Marie Stephan Glory
Marie looked strong and moved Glory around with pace, as well as some good, soft drops. Glory played some great short balls, but unfortunately her error count was high. Match to Marie 3-0.