Grimsby & Cleethorpes 2018

Final: Top seed Haycocks wins

Emma Falconer reports

This very well attended tournament has seen some thrilling squash in which only the top two seeds made it to the quarter finals with only the number one seed Jaymie Haycocks through to the final against a 9/16 seed Nick Wall.

In the first game Nick leads 4-1 but Jaymie takes charge taking the first 11-6. Nick fights back and takes the second 11-7.

The third was a much closer affair with Nick taking the lead 3-0 but from 3-3 it was nip and tuck but Nick, perhaps feeling the pressure at 9-9 , hit the tin twice in succession to give the game to Jaymie.

Jaymie won the fourth 11-4 taking control of the game and winning the match 3-1.

Jaymie Haycocks thanked the Cleethorpes crowd for their support this week and spoke highly of his young opponent who undoubtedly has a great future ahead of him.

Jaymie was delighted to win his first English PSA title.