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Laura Massaro reveals tears, turmoil and triumph in autobiography “All In”

Former squash World Champion, World No.1 and Commonwealth Games double silver medallist Laura Massaro MBE is one of the most successful British sportswomen of her generation.

Now Massaro is revealing the tears and turmoil behind the triumph in her deeply personal new autobiography All In, available in special edition hardback and paperback from 1st June.

All In is an honest, raw and inspiring account of a young woman crippled by nerves and self-doubt who somehow found the determination and commitment to fulfil her dreams.

As well as incredible international success on the court, including a fascinating rivalry with Malaysian squash superstar Nicol David, Massaro also helped change the face of women’s sport by helping women’s squash attain equal prize money and a successful merger with the men’s tour.

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Written with the help of experienced sports journalist Rod Gilmour, All In is a must-read for squash fans, for anyone interested in women’s sport and fitness and for all those who love an inspirational tale of an underdog who ended up beating all comers.

Massaro, from Lancashire, is unsparing in revealing the moments of emotional turmoil she suffered behind the scenes – in contrast to her nickname on the squash tour as “The Ice Queen”.

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“As a player I always tried to keep my emotions under wraps but now it’s time to be totally honest,” says Massaro.

“People look at elite sport and they see the trophies and the medals but every athlete is a human being, with feelings and doubts and frailties.

“I think lots of people reading will be able to relate to that.”

All In features a foreword by Tracey Neville MBE and is available in paperback, and special limited hardback edition and on audiobook, read by Massaro.

“Laura should be a role model for young female athletes everywhere because hers is a story of resilience and of always striving to be better,” said Tracey Neville MBE, Gold Medal winning Head Coach of England Netball team

“A unique insight into one of Britain’s unsung sporting champions. The book gives a unique perspective into the many ups and downs in Laura’s journey to becoming World Champion,” said Nick Matthew OBE, 3 x World Squash Champion.

“Laura embodies everything when it comes to being All In. Her story is so inspiring because it shows that you have to be the most talented, or the most skillful in order to reach the top; what you need is the mindset and Laura’s made her one of the toughest competitors out there,” said Amanda Sobhy, US No.1 and World No.5 squash player.

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