Madeira International 2022

Balazs Farkas and Katerina Tycova win the Madeira International Squash Tournament

We have reached the decisive stage of the Madeira International Tournament, and the players were concentrating their focus on winning the titles. The athletes reached the final with high-level victories, and the uncertainty of who would emerge from this tournament victorious hovered the minds of the audience.

At 2pm, the Women’s Tournament started between the English Kiera Marshall and the German Katerina Tycova. Marshall was trailing 2-0, but managed to regain a set. However, the athlete could not keep the pace, and Tycova proved stronger coming out as the female winner of this tournament.

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At 3pm, Rui Soares and Balazs Farkas played for the victory of the tournament. The game was mostly balanced and both athletes were focused and committed to winning. In the fourth set Rui Soares had more points than his opponent, but he couldn’t secure his advantage losing by 3-1.
Regarding the National Championships, the athlete Francisco Correia won first place in the junior category, Catarina Nunes won the title in the Female Seniors, and André Lima in the Male Seniors.