Millie Tomlinson: “Nothing compares with the intense highs & lows you get as a professional athlete”

By Fram Gommendy
Found this post on Millie’s Facebook page. Thought you would like to read it …

“It was a privilege to compete at The World Championships in Chicago this month amongst the very best players in the world.

I’m going to be honest.

I put very high expectations on myself. And when I don’t meet those, I feel like a failure.

But even being able to feel these emotions so deeply is a huge honour. Nothing else compares to the intense highs and lows you get as a professional athlete.

Now I’ve had time to regroup and reflect on the courage it takes to put yourself out there as an athlete, I’m proud.

Proud that I don’t hide away from these challenges (sporting and academic), that I put myself out there at the very highest level possible, and I back myself through my actions. I know there are so many who would love to be competing on these elite platforms and I’m working hard to continue getting these opportunities and to make more of them.

This is only possible through the support network behind me and I never take that for granted.