News from the Player: Grégoire Marche

Grégoire on his Facebook Page

🔥 Some news and updates 🔥

After being away of the @psaworldtour for almost 3 months it’s time for some updates 🧐
After the TOC in New York in January I took the decision of doing a surgery in both eyes to try to see the ball a little bit better 😬 which is quiet important on a squash court 😅

The lazik that I did was the most complicated and the most uncomfortable, but that was the only solution… In fact, I always played like that because I never found the right lens for my correction. Recently, I felt that I needed to do something because it was really annoying sometimes, especially when we played on different glass courts with different lights and colors!

After 8 weeks post-surgery, it’s still not perfect, but it takes time, and the doctor said that it’s on the right path! Hopefully, I will see some more improvements in the next few weeks!

While I was recovering I also moved appartements which is always a tricky situation but it kept me very busy, and now I’m happy with the way I managed my new home 😇
So after all these weeks away from a squash court I didn’t know how I would feel, but I trained hard physically and the vision is getting better so after few matches this week in Holland and in Edinburgh, I can be positive, and I think I’m on the right way to be ready for the next PSA event in Cairo in April 💪🏼🔥

It’s been some stressful weeks, but I’m hungry for more now !!
Thanks to the ones who helped me during this time and hopefully I can make them proud 🙏😉

See you guys soon on the tour 🌎😎