Pakistan Satellite Circuit Wrap

Satellite Circuit Wrap

from Jehanzeb Khan

A wonderful two weeks of events has just ended with so many great memories. Don’t know where to start, but it’s absolutely my greatest pleasure to help and support the country where I was born, where so many of my memories and attachment are. I am always finding a way to give back and bring a smile to the people of Pakistan. I am so proud that I took this initiative to host 5 satellite events in Karachi for those players who don’t get a chance to improve their rankings and travel abroad. This activity opened up so many doors for players, associations and federations. I hope this will continue for forever and bring back honor to Pakistan.

Any event without a great team is not possible, so I would like to mention some of the people who did so much to make these events smooth and flawless.

Hassan Rathore is the person where it all started. I told him that I wasn’t getting any venue for the events in Karachi. He then told me to give him 2 days and he would arrange something for me. He spoke to his Cousin DG Rangers Sindh Mr. Omar Ahmad Bokhari who without any hesitation gave us the venue and told us to go ahead and host the event without any cost. We all are very thankful to you Sir.

AVM Aamir Masood is the Vice President of Pakistan Squash. He backed my event from day 1 and told me that he will welcome and support anything for Pakistan. I told him that I didn’t want anything except for his support for all these events and without any hesitation he said, I am with you.

SAVM Syed Razi Nawab is the former Vice President of Pakistan Squash. He’s the man who was the bridge between me and the PSF. We had some critical decisions that had to be made while holding these events, and Mr. Razi was always there to guide me and support me.

Ashfaq hussain(Cheif), any event without you is dull and your presence makes everyone happy and engaged throughout the event. You did a wonderful job in refereeing and managing the venue.

Usama Khan (Tournament Promoter), you worked day and night and went almost everywhere to find sponsors and educate people about squash. You put a 1000% effort to make sure everything started and ended on time. Your leadership is admirable as you became the man who made yourself available to all the players, making sure they were all in good hands.

Suleman Khan (Tournament Photographer) is an honest and hardworking person. You see all the live matches, pics, reports and videos. The man behind all this is none other than our lovely friend and brother, Suleman. Working day and night to show the world the best images of Pakistan and capturing the fantastic moments of these events through his camera eye.

Fahim Gul (Tournament Director), Your leadership, refereeing, experience and honesty is incomparable. You are the most qualified coach in Pakistan and have taught many generations how to play this sport and how to manage any critical match. We all respect you so much for your amazing efforts to bring back laurels to Pakistan.

Asif Idrees, what a gem of a person you are. Hosting non stop, you provided food to these amazing players, where you took all of them to your farm and presented a beautiful brunch to so many players and guests. Your heart is like a diamond and people like you are hard to find. You give beyond our imagination. You provided souvenirs to all the guests, winners and finalists.

Waqas Ahmed Khan is an artist of everything. He knows how to gather people and how to bring light into peoples lives. You are the man behind my power who gave me the courage to start these events and I remembered when you said to just push us from the USA and you will see what we can do for the people of Pakistan 🙂 For you, nothing is impossible and with your support and guidance we reached our goal and made these events successful.

Thank you to all the players who travel from different cities to participate in these events. Without you all it wouldn’t be possible to host these events.

Congratulations to Nasir Iqbal khan for winning all 5 Men’s Title and Faiza Zafar for winning 3 Women’s Title.

May Allah protect this team now and forever.