Quito-Arraynes Final

Quito Arraynes 2019 : FINAL

[3] Diana García (Mex) 3-2 [1] Nikki Todd (Can) 11-8, 7-11, 12-10, 13-15, 11-6 (44m)

Garcia grabs Quito title

In the first game the Mexican neutralized the winning shots of Todd who seemed insecure with her attacking drops and boasts and therefore took the lead 11-8.

In the second game, the Canadian found her precision and changed the rhythm more effectively to allow herself to equalize 11-7.

The third game was very close, point for point the Canadian pressured constantly with rhythm changes, but the consistency of the Mexican pushed to a tie break and after an unfortunate hit from her backswing that made Todd unfocused and take the lead 12-10.

The tight lengths especially on the backhand continued to solidify Garcia’s lead in the fourth game, but the mental strength of the Canadian that pushed a tie break and through her inspiration tied the match 15-13.

In the final game, the García showed conviction and firmness making her the champion of Quito, taking the game 11-6.


Nikki Todd (Can) 3-0 Andrea Soria (Ecu)

The consistent winning shots of the Canadian Todd turned down the fight of the Ecuadorian Soria in the first game closing with 11-4.

In the second game, it was Todd’s serve and constant rhythm changes that secured her 2-0, and for the final game in spite of Soria’s will to keep going, the Canadian closed the match reaching the final.

Diana García (Mex) 3-0 Alicia Mead (Eng) 

The first game was tight, yet the Mexican García took the lead 11-8. Constructing better rallies, the Mexican added her 2-0 lead and the tiredness of Meads last matches seemed to appear.

To advance to the semifinals she had to battle 5 setters, the previous matches. In the third game, successive winning shots allowed Mead to take the lead, but it was again the consistency of García that allowed her to get through the final closing the match with score 11-9.

When Nicol David went to Quito

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Nikki Todd (Can) 3-0 Laura Tovar (Col)

The Canadian and Colombian played a very technical and close match, but the winning shots and mental-physical strength was in favour of Todd.

The Colombian Tovar had a better game plan at certain moments, but in the end of each game she lost her calmness.

Diana García (Mex) 3-0 Sofía Mateos (Esp) 

The Mexican García was assertive with her shots and lack of unforced errors reaching the semifinals by defeating the 18-year-old Spanish Junior who demonstrated huge potential for her country in future.

Andrea Soria (Ecu) 3-0 Pilar Etchechoury (Arg) 

The Ecuadorian Soria gave great satisfaction to the spectators of her country that applauded with enthusiasm in a historic victory through to the semifinals in a professional tournament.

She played with conviction, security and consistency by applying strong cross courts and changing the rhythm with boasts to win in this Latin American classic.

Alicia Mead (Eng) 3-2 Anna Kimberley (Eng) 11-8, 12-10, 5-11, 6-11, 11-9 (52m)

The two English girls played an exquisite match and portrayed the best match of the evening, being the only match that got to 5 games and was a true English battle.

More adapted to the Quito altitude and with velocity and speed to reach each ball of her opponent, Mead started to build rallies patiently wearing out Kimberly to take a 2-0 lead. Yet, conscious with the need to risk and with Mead out of focus after successive winning shots Kimberly tied the match.

The last game was the decider of who can outlast each other physically and the winner was Mead.

Welcome to Quito

Juan Carlos Santacruz reports

The PSA Arrayanes Copa Produbanco began to receive its participants in a magical place, which is the best expression of the natural wealth of the Ecuadorian highlands.

This is the Hotel San José de Puembo, located in the region of Puembo, one of the valleys of Quito with an exceptional microclimate of semi-warm temperatures that allow nature a sample full of unforgettable views.

The hotel offers 40 thousand square meters of botanical garden. A place that leaves recorded images of its house, its corridors, its paths, its beautiful trees, birds, farm with llamas and always flowered plants.

Round One Match Points

The 23-year-old Colombian Laura Casallas showed her experience by going through the second round against the 16-year-old Ecuadorian Junior, current South American champion in her category.

Another Ecuadorian Junior, Ariana Alava, who is 15 years old made her professional debut against the No.1 of Ecuador aged 22, Andrea Soria who imposed her experience to win.

The Ecuadorian wild card Rafaela Albujaaged 19, secured a win through to the second round by defeating the Colombian debutant Fernanda Parrado aged 23.

The classic Colombian-Ecuadorian juniors battle, gave the chance to the Colombian Valentina Sanchez to advance with a solid and smooth game against the youngest player of the tournament Rafaela García who is only 14.

The maturity of experience from Juliana Pereira of Brazil allowed her to advance to the second round after beating the Ecuadorian Junior Micaela Donoso aged 18.

Round Two Mach Points

The anxiety of Charlotte Jagger and the firm, safe and deep game of the Argentinean Pilar Etchechoury  gave a definite three game win causing the first upset of the tournament.

The Colombian Maria Tovar took a 2-1 lead by playing consistent with solid hitting, finding the most effective moments to attack. Yet the English player Alicia Mead stood her grounds on court and found depth in her game with precise winning shots to force errors from her opponent; especially in the tie break of the fifth game and being the best match of the day.

The Ecuadorian Andrea Soria gave the most important surprise of the tournament by reaching the quarterfinals showing speed and gutsy effort while taking advantage of the unforced errors of the 16-year-old Egyptian rival Amina El Rihany who maintained loyal to the Egyptian way of playing, attacking with no fortune in front.

The Colombian Laura  Tovar advanced to the quarterfinals with certainty through better movement and construction of winning rallies that shadowed the mental strength of her opponent, compatriot Laura Casallas.

Mexican Diana García got through the quarterfinals after defeating the courageous Ecuadorian Rafaela Albuja with strength and consistency winning in straight games.

The Spanish Junior Sofia Mateos advanced to the next round in her debut in the tournament in Quito after pressuring the Colombia junior Valentina Sánchez with a variety of shots.

The English Anna Kimberley  player knew how to keep calm and finish the rallies with purpose to win in straight games after a very technical and good depth play against the Brazilian Juliana Pereira.

The Canadian Nikki Todd overcame the most experienced player in the draw, the Brazilian Thaisa Serafini, by finishing the rallies with good shot play and movement on court while changing the rhythm. Although the Brazilian managed to tie 1-1, it wasn’t enough to force a fifth game.