Racquet Club Pro : Siva shines in St Louis

St Louis Racquet Club Pro : FINAL
[2] Sivasangari Subrmaniam (Mas) 3-1 [1] Nada Abbas (Egy) 9-11, 11-6, 13-11, 11-6 (41m)

Mike Puertas reports

Both players started out with a series of long rallies feeling each other out. A thrilling 12-minute game as both hit several outright winners. Siva had a critical stroke call at 9-9 and Nada proved to have a bit more with her shooting ability as she edged by Siva 11-9.

Great gets throughout by both players, but Siva seemed to be retrieving more of them which frustrated Nada into a few unforced errors which she had trouble overcoming mid-game as she fell behind by four points. Siva holds Nada’s attempt of a comeback and prevails 11-6.

Siva starts out Game #3 running Nada around and dominating the court. Nada fights back a bit, but again Siva seemed to get her off her game. Both hit with a lot of pace this match. At 8-9 Siva wins a critical long rally. Another stroke call at 9-9 hurts Siva. Siva hits a winner a fraction of an inch above the tin to go up 10-9. Amazing rallies late in the game. Siva fights back and wins 13-11

Siva is pounding the ball and moving Nada side to side. Another unforced error my Nada sways the game in Siva’s momentum to make it 5-5. Siva continues to move Nada around and seemed to have the better shot selection. Nada plows into Siva attempting to get to the ball on a tight rail by Siva to no avail. At 5-9 Siva fails to put one by Nada as she has her on the ropes, but Nada guesses right and puts the ball away. Siva kept her down though peppering her with many a hard rail and mixing it up with a few drop winner 11-6

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Semis: Top Seeds prevail

Mike Puertas reports


Nada Abbas  v  Olivia Fiechter 3-0 

Very even start to the match with both players playing at a very high pace, Nada getting the edge with some creative shot making 11-8

Nada starts the second with a barrage of attacking shots keeping Olivia off balance and under constant pressure that with the incredible pace that she generates seals the game 11-5.

The third game was much closer with Olivia reestablishing herself and fighting hard to control the pace, game ball at 10-9 but Nada managed to hit a perfect forehand volley nick followed up with another almost identical shot to set up match ball, Olivia had an opening but just clipped the top of the tin to give Nada the win.

Sivasangari Subramaniam v Haley Mendez  3-0 

Contrasting styles with Siva floating around the court and Haley using her reach and strength keep the game close al the way to a tie break, 11-11 and Siva pushes ahead taking the game with a series of well placed shot shots.

Siva takes a 7-2 lead in the second, Haley pulls back a few points but can’t close the gap. 11-6. Haley has her chances in the third with game ball at 10-9 but tins one to go to tiebreak followed by a kill shot from Siva and an unforced error for the match.

So we go into tomorrow’s final with the number one and two seeds going to battle!