SquashSite Update

We’ve been on the ‘new’ SquashSite for almost a year now, and with 2019 coming to a close we’re updating a few things …

  • Home News : the first thing you see on the home page is a simple list of the latest news stories, like it used to be and like it is on the ‘Just News’ page, which a lot of you seem to like.  We’ll vary the number of these stories depending on how busy it is.
  • Home Categories : below the main news list there’s a few blocks showing news from specific categories. We’ll change these around in line with story availability, but you can always check them all out from the “News” or “Categories” lists or the Search box, which now sits on the header.
  • Quick Links : we’ve moved these (Just News, Tournament Centre, Calendar etc) to a Top (and a Bottom) menu which is easily accessible on all devices.
  • Tournament Sites : Where we’re covering a tournament on a minisite, we’ll have a single short story on the news list, with buttons tasking you directly to the key pages – Draws, Today, Watch, Gallery etc.
  • Tournament Centre : listing current and upcoming events, this popular page is still available from all the menus – which we’ll be fine tuning to make sure all the important stuff is quickly accessible.
  • We hope you like the changes, you can let us know what you think below …