The Geoff Hunt Test…

By Dominic Benacquista 

A recent article was released about the Hunt Squash Accuracy Test (HSAT) on the Australian Squash Forums. This is exciting due to the fact it exposes coaches and players to relevant literature surrounding squash and it also means people are reading the articles in the literature section of my site.

I am writing this article to further shed some light on the test itself, as all of the relevant information was not shared (there was also some mistakes within the original article) and it would be a disservice to not provide coaches with some of the grey areas relating to the study and test.

So lets start with the back story, this test originally designed by Australian squash legend Geoff Hunt during his time in Qatar at the Aspire Academy. The goal behind the designing such a test was relatively simple: to test the hitting accuracy of his players across a number of squash shots.

This would allow Geoff to track his players progress and monitor any changes that occurred during their training. At the time, there was no literature available that assessed the accuracy of squash shots.

Therefore, Geoff and the sports science team at Aspire got together to put the HSAT through testing via the scientific method. Now you may be wondering, what is the scientific method?