Tring World Record Attempt

Alex Preston and Michael Pearce will be attempting to break the world record for the longest ever squash marathon, on 16th (and 17th!) September at Tring Squash Club …

Why this challenge ?

Alex and Michael are attempting to break the world record for the longest ever squash marathon. It’s madness, total madness!

Michael has played squash for over 30 years and likes to challenge himself so talked Alex into it using his silky and persuasive tones!

Alex has been around squash his whole life and have much to be thankful for with regards to this. He grew up within Thame Squash Club in the 80/90s including a stint of living in the building.

Squash has given him a great social life and a competitive outlet no matter where in the world. His motivation in this stems from losing his amazing Mum last year to cancer. She provided everything to Alex and siblings including building Thame Squash Club with raw spirit and determination, at enormous financial risk to herself and my older siblings in 1975.

They both like to challenge themselves physically and mentally and believe that this challenge would certainly tick both of those boxes. Both are very competitive so will be taking the match element of the challenge seriously and will be playing to win, obviously while trying to pace ourselves!

the existing record

The attempt will be from 4am on Friday 16th Sept to (hopefully) around 8pm the following day at Tring Squash Club.

Supporters at the club are welcome and there is an overnight team squashathon on Friday night (8am-8pm) and a party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tring Squash Club on Saturday as well.

An AMAZING SQUASH EVENT for an amazing cause!

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Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity


We’re raising money for Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity where Alex’s mum spent some of her last days after passing away to cancer in June 2021.


Our Fundraising Aim:

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Donations will help raise funds for a bladder scanner costing £7,500

‘The bladder scanner, allows clinicians to quickly and accurately measure bladder volume, would be used to help treat a variety of patients in the Hospice. A bladder scan identifies any residual urine after the bladder has been emptied, which if left untreated, can lead to infections and increased pain and discomfort.

At present we have to borrow a scanner from the hospital or move the patient to where the scanner is located within the hospital. This is happening several times every week. By having a scanner in the building, we will cause less disruption and be able to scan promptly and effectively. The new scanner will enable us to improve the care we are giving to our patients.’

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