US UrbanSquash: From Harlem StreetSquash to PSA via CollegeSquash!

Quinlan Jeudy’s ascent in the squash world came with many hurdles.

He first discovered the game of squash as a 12-year-old in Newark in 2012. But even then, as a participant in Newark, he didn’t have access to Harlem’s world-class facility which opened in 2008. Instead he played on courts in Newark, all of which were “American” courts and not the same size as the standard international court. Quinlan would come to the StreetSquash facility on weekends though to interact with Harlem students and get experience on regulation size courts.

Quinlan is now a senior at the University of Rochester where he participates on the squash team.

Though he was part of the squash team during his freshman year at Uni, it’d be easy to miss him.

Of 11 players on the team, he was number 11.

Where Are They Now: Quinlan Jeudy