When Paul Johnson met with the Duke….

Everyone knows the Duke of Edinburgh was a big Squash fan…he was playing Squash when all his children were being born and was the Patron of the SRA I think for many years…

Paul Johnson Remembers:

During the commonwealth games doubles final in Malaysia in 1998.

Mark Chaloner and I had just taken the opening game against the Aussies, Mark and I were getting some advice from our coaches when we were suddenly surrounded by bodies. It was the Dukes security team and he wanted to come over and have a chat with us…

Not exactly the ideal time for that obviously but after standing to his attention he turned around and said “my, it looks jolly crowded in there lads, best of luck for the rest of the match”.

I mumbled something like “yes it is sir but fortunately we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing so it’s not too bad”. He smiled, nodded and went on his way.

I spent the rest of the interval more worried about what I’d said and sounding like a berk than what DP had to say. 🤣

Oh, we bashed the Aussies up 3-0 btw. 😜

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