Maddox Unplugged

Jamie comments on the Squash World, yesterday & today

Jamie Maddox created a simple facebook page a few years ago, in 2010, where he intended to exchange a few memories/thoughts with friends of his.

But from 2017 the page grew in popularity, and has since become a phenomena, with over 16,000 readers and lots of daily posts. If you don’t know Squash Stories, have a look …

Here are some of his ramblings, memories, thoughts, rants. Enjoy, we certainly do …

Squash & Rugby…

Jonah Barrington and JPR Williams  share a joke with David Vine during filming for the tennis event in 'Superstars' tv […]

Moussa Helal

One of the great Egyptians of the Golden age of Squash…. Moussa Helal…… This man […]

Flat Grip…

Del Harris and Ross Norman were good friends who had massive respect for one another….. […]

Gamal Awad

Before Farag, before, Gawad, before Mohamed before Shabana before Darwish before Ramy before Barada… this […]

Sean Connery

'It's an exhausting but fascinating game.. it's probably one of the best sports for keeping […]