2nd Sylvester Trophy Switzerland

Men’s $3k PSA Challenger, 11-14 Mar, Uster, Switzerland

This month’s Challenger event in Uster is restricted to players currently living in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, and host nation Switzerland.

2nd Sylvester Trophy 2021 : FINAL

Top seed Ryosei Kobayashi beats Valentin Rapp in the final to claim a second successive PSA Challenger title in Uster …

[1] Ryosei Kobayashi (Jpn) 3-1 [4] Valentin Rapp (Ger)    11-5, 11-8, 7-11, 11-3 (50m)

Photos by Florian Pößl

2nd Sylvester Trophy 2021 : DAY THREE

Semis :
[1] Ryosei Kobayashi
(Jpn) 3-1 [3] Robin Gadola (Sui)  17-15, 11-8, 9-11, 11-8 (53m)
[4] Valentin Rapp (Ger)
3-2 [2] Aqeel Rehman (Aut)   5-11, 11-8, 11-8, 11-13, 12-10 (69m)

[1] Ryosei Kobayashi (Jpn) 3-1 [7] Miguel Mathis (Sui)      5-11, 11-5, 11-8, 11-5 (39m)
[3] Robin Gadola (Sui) 3-1 [5] Yannick Wilhelmi (Sui)       4-11, 11-7, 11-5, 12-10 (52m)

[4] Valentin Rapp (Ger) 3-1 [6] Cedric Kuchen (Sui)        11-8, 5-11, 11-5, 13-11 (52m)
[2] Aqeel Rehman (Aut) 3-0  [8] Nils Roesch (Sui)                        11-4, 11-6, 11-8 (34m)

Photos by Florian Pößl

Live Scoring  Live Stream and Replays

Photos by Florian Pößl

Live Scoring  Live Stream and Replays


Top seed is French resident World #70 Ryosei Kobayashi, the Japanese #1 who comes in on a good run of form including two wins in his last five tournaments. One of those came at the Squash Arena in Uster as he  lifted the Swiss Open title in November.

“Knowing the court and the people there helps to prepare the mental aspect of my game.

“I’m feeling good overall after two recent domestic tournaments in France. Some of my new ideas are slowly being adopted into my game since the beginning of the year.”

“The pressure is more from the fact that it is necessary for me to win the tournament again to bring my ranking higher,” he explained about being the top seed.

“My goal is to have two successful tournaments in March – this one and a $20k in India – and break into the top 65 next month.”