84 years old Lance Kinder….

The recent post about 84 year-old Lance Kinder really made me think how ageist our society is and we just accept it because older people don’t moan about it constantly.. in fact it’s the most unfashionable but chronic ‘ism’ out there…

Its possibly the only article about an older Squash player I’ve seen since the one about Orla a year or two ago and the ONLY one in a major tabloid I can think of.

We have an ageing population which instead of looking at as a bad thing is actually something we should be celebrating and making the most of…

The current climate fawns all over the younger generation and other groups, bends over backwards as we’ve seen in Squash to come up with initiatives to get them playing and just forgets about this huge and willing area of our society.

Because they just get on with life,  no one blinks an eye.

Might be because I’m getting older that I can see all this so very clearly but where Squash is concerned there really is an opportunity with racketball and conditioned games (3/4 court) to get older people (men and women) on court hitting a ball and feeling good again.

The perception of Squash as this manic fitness sport that an older person could never enjoy is ridiculous…of course at the top level it is just that BUT there are so many ways it can be diluted and conditioned to make the perfect hobby-sport for ANY AGE person to enjoy… you really can ENJOY being on court WITHOUT running about too much and you know what the very best thing about it is….

There are LOADS of US …

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