Best shot against me: Rob Owen

by Peter Astbury, August 19, 2019

I’ve played some serious and talented players over years including Del Harris, Peter Nicol, Simon Parke, Phil Whitlock, Geoff Williams, Bryan Beeson, Derek Ryan, Nick Taylor, David Campion, and others but by far the best shot against me was by Rob Owen ……

It was an county match at New Brighton, (around 1998?) Warwickshire v Cheshire. We were 1-1 in games and I’d managed to work Rob around the court so he was tiring. Midway through the 3rd game Rob had got me out of position and he was front right (on his back hand). What followed was sure brilliance…..

Rob moved very quickly to the ball then stopped and dropped the racket head to his feet and rounded his shoulders and slumped as though he was perhaps about to collapse (which put me off balance) He then sprung into life to play a drop shot.

As I moved forward Rob held his shot and then flicked it straight down the right wall. I remember Clive Leach And Darren Bradbury sniggering on the balcony, So were my Cheshire team mates Robert Forde, Jonathan Clarke and Nick Gatward.

The shot had a double delay in it, which took the strength out of my legs.

Got to hand it to Rob Owen – class player. Rob won 3-1.

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