Camille Serme makes a lot of Happy Ladies!

A few weeks ago, Camille Serme, former French number one and World number 2, decided to clear her wardrobe… Well, to clear all the boxes of outfits she had in her parent’s home. Dozens and dozens of Squash outfits!

So, she decided to give them to the players of her club, Créteil. So from juniors to older players, great players to beginners, you can see plenty of players with “Camille Serme” on their back, bless them.

But as US Créteil’s main coach, Eric Lecordier, came to Ile-Rousse in Corsica – where Napoleon was born – he thought the girls doing the SciberSquash Camp would be happy to have a few outfits too.

And so, I had the feeling Camille – who won the tournament here in Ile-Rousse a few years back – was a bit with us this edition…