Catching up with : Marwan opens up

The PSA media team have been catching up with players during the Lockdown :

Check out these interviews with Nouran Gohar, Lucas Serme, Mariam Metwally, Rowan Elaraby, Baptiste Masotti, Greg Marche, Nouran Gohar, Nour El Sherbini, Mohamed ElShorbagy, Ali Farag, Zahed Salem, Hania El Hammamy, Mohamed Elsherbini and more  (all with our own edits and additions)

Marwan Opens up

CIB player Marwan ElShorbagy has revealed that his Black Ball success in Cairo last week has given him the self-belief to set a triple target comprising the British Open, the World Championships and ultimately the World No.1 ranking.

‘The Controller’ CIB Marwan ElShorbagy opens up ….

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Mohamed: “In my lifetime, Ramy was unique”

“How is your blood pressure Fram?”

I remember Nick Matthew asking me that question after the fourth game in the El Gouna final 2015… I have seen a few matches in my life, including that match where Ross Norman beat Jahangir Khan in 1986 in Toulouse, but what Mohamed and Ramy produced during the few years they managed to battle out together will stay for me the pinnacle of what squash can produce…

RJ Mitchell talked to Mohamed and asked him about those famous battles

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CIB Hania El Hammamy: Blackball, Massaro, Best of 2020…

Fares on becoming World #1, on ElShorbagy, Coll and Asal

Fearless Fares Dessouky had a great end to 2020 when he managed to beat Karim Abdel Gawad, Tarek Momen and Ali Farag in the CIB Black Ball Open. But that’s only the beginning as far as the Alexandrian is concerned …

Fares talks about his goals, Shorbagy, Asal & Coll…

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Greg Gaultier: “I feel like I am back in good shape now”

Mathieu Castagnet

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