Fram Remembers: When Darwish salutes Shabs

Karim Darwish’s Facebook Page, 30th Jan 2014


I will just talk about a journey that started 25 years ago… Amr Shabana..

I don’t need to talk about your squash, everyone knows you are a genius!

I will just talk about our looong journey that started 25 years ago, from the time we were neighbours living in the best place in the world called Maadi!

When we used to take our motorcycle to the club.


We trained together, travelled the world together, competed against each other, gave advice to each other, and shared the best moments in our life when we won the World Open for our country.

We were no 1 and 2 in the world and we were still training together. We played some brutal matches against each other.

You keep my secrets, and I keep yours.

Sportsmanship at its best and as it should be!!