Gang of Squash : Nantes is back

Nantes, France, has been the award-winning scene of some of the most innovative settings and stagings of squash tournaments, ever. The last edition was in 2019, but Nantes is back for a sixth edition this September as the Open de France.

Where exactly will it be, what entertainments will accompany the squash … your guess is as good as ours as the organising committee like to keep theses things secret (but you can buy tickets now!)

But you’d better believe they’re working on something special, and the first ‘teaser’ is out, a “gang” video featuring Paul Coll, Gregory Gaultier Tinne Gilis and Melissa Alves.

Consider yourselves teased ….

The video is created by Yohann Grignou, a director, cameraman, drone operator and editor :

“This event is the materialisation of everything I love: a subtle mix between sport and art.

“This alliance is my favourite playground to express my poetry. It was a real pleasure to work with this team!”

The tournament’s production director Natacha Godel says :

Yohann actively creates in the field of dance, sport, exploration and urban arts. The collaboration was obvious!

The secret venue this year intrigues both squash professionals and the public. So far the public are playing the game!

Player registrations has started with enthusiasm: the international fame of this unique event is making a lot of noise around the world.

Each player who has participated in the past wishes to return and says of Nantes that there is no equivalent atmosphere elsewhere. And those who have never come are very intrigued by this Nantes experience.

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