Guess the grunt: Who made these noises?

Montage of squash players roaring

By Doug Woodburn

As squash’s silly season approaches, we ask the important question: do you know your yalla, yalla, yallas, from your beseeching ‘c’mons’?

Squash is a gladiatorial sport, but – from Mohamed Elshorbagy’s guttural bark to Tesni Evans’ high-pitched warcry – how well do you know the players’ on-court exclamations, really?

Take the Squash IQ/Squash Site Scream test in the link below.

It’s the gladiatorial nature of squash that makes it a such a natural stage for ear-splitting screams, shouts and snarls.

Arguably the loudest player in the men’s game, Borja Golan, sadly hung up his racket last month.

Spain’s greatest-ever squash pro was known for barking ‘Vamos’ to gee himself up, but ‘El Toro’ is far from alone in the world of the double-dotted ball when it comes to on-court exclamations.

But see how many trademark shouts and screams you can identify in our test below.