HAPPY TO BE Back – in Poems

SS is turning into ‘Poem Day’ to mark our returd to the courts…..get your poem on here now…you know YOU want to….

It was four long months Since I last stepped on court  
Before Covid arrived Stopping all sport.  

Four long months Of home school and isolation   With only Squash Stories To ease the frustration.  

But after four long months,   Doors open, play starts
As squash rightfully reclaims Its place in our hearts.  

And after four long months  

Four minutes in, I’ll be shattered  
But I’ll know deep down  
Only squash truly mattered.  

Jonathan Walton

On Monday I’ll be back on court, Only by myself.
It won’t be like ‘the real thing’ but it will improve my health!!  
The single yellow will be out, I’ll hit it with some stealth.
Running after the miss hi t shots will improve my health.  

John Gallagher  

A return to squash had occurred.
Though Jamie has called it a turd…
To be back on court..
We love this sport.
Dont care if i come first, second or third.  

Chris Bartlett

Went to the courts today.
Was a little out of puff.
My game was a little ruff.
Support the courts they say.
I’ll do my bit it’s tough.
My bank’s empty enough.
But I went down there any way….
I just can’t seem to hit the ball much…
But i just cant get enough.
I love this squash stuff!!
Chris Bartlett
Squash was my first love
And it will be my last.
Squash of the future
And squash of the past.
To live without my squash
Would be impossible to do.
In this world of troubles,
My squash pulls me through.
Squash was my first love
And it will be my last
Collis Sheik, aged 9
I got to the courts,
It was cold.
I was sure,
My game would fold.
The ball was slow,
And hard to hit.
My brow was low,
Bring on the grit.
For 40 minutes,
The battle was on.
The ebb and flow,
The crowd grew strong.
In the final minute,
The result would come.
A win for squash.
And all had won!!

Chris Bartlett
Squash squash squash
Bosh bosh bosh
Wash wash wash
Nosh nosh nosh
Beer beers beers
Crash crash crash
Johnny Gray
I went to the squash club
In my car
I played some squash
Then went in the bar

Alec Lysons

All for love,
All for squash,
The game begins,
Love all.

Gail Clark