Qamar Zaman ‘Personally Speaking’ Part 2 – How to play a “TAXI!!!!”

Peut être une image de 1 personne, position debout et intérieur‘Best you practise shots very hard, make sure they not finish in tin so you lose point and make opponent laugh at you’.

Always try and play ball in unusual way, or to most unlikely place on court.. then perhaps if opponent quick he set off faster than other men in WRONG direction!

Sometimes I watch ordinary with many bad strokes and see something which is a little different.. I think about this.. maybe i make small adjustment then practice until I have new shot to use on one or two occasions in game.

Asset I have is to watch opponent hit ball and eight times out of ten to know where it is going..
People say Zaman he is very fast but this is not true… always I watch wrist.. feet… shoulders.. soon I learn many things…perhaps get into right position even before ball arrive.

Sometimes I get feeling opponents watch me too…NO GOOD! ..I give them false information…ball goes other way ..

Other times I show him wrist very clearly…perhaps I wait long time to hit the ball…other player again he get very impatient…he sees where ball is going.. he is anxious to get there too…too bad.. ball not go that way after all..

Opponent runs into wall on wrong side of court…This, it is most satisfying thing that ever happen in game of squash.

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