Life Time Pro Event Series 2021

LIFE TIME PRO EVENT SERIES 2021 with Jahanzeb Masood

After organising two PSA Challenger events in Pakistan which included world class exhibition events, Jahanzeb Khan is setting his sights on a series of events in the USA …

Plano 08-11 Apr San Antonio  29 Apr-02 May Austin 20-23 May Houston (W) 03-06 Jun

Meet the Tour Sponsor, Nasrullah Khan

Nasrullah Khan is the Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer/Director at Wallis Bank. With over thirty years of banking experience and twenty years in the Small Business Administration Lending, Khan is a leader in marketing, compliance, public relations, management and customer service. He has been the forerunner in facilitating business development in the U.S. all over the South, East Coast, and Midwest.

Without a doubt, Khan’s natural ability to participate in community development has been one of the significant reasons he is able to succeed in the given climate of financial markets. In Washington D.C., Khan was an Advisory Board Member for the US Small Business Administration, and an Advisory Member of the Northeast NAGGL Region.

In Texas, Nasrullah Khan was a Board Member for the Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, served in the Advisory Board for the Houston Police Department. He was the founder and ex-president of the Houston Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders, and served as a Loan Committee member for the Certified Development Corporations (CDC) in both Houston and Washington D.C. Moreover, he has been recognized by several minority institutions that assist in small businesses.

Presently Mr. Khan is serving in the Advisory Board for the SBA Houston District office, a Board Member and Loan Committee member of Houston Business Development Inc. (HBDI), and Advisory Board member of SCORE.

In Washington D.C. he earned the “Emerging Lender of the Year Award.” In 2015, Mr. Khan was recognized by the Office of the Governor and Texas Workforce Commission at the Governor’s Small Business Forum in Houston.

Khan has been playing squash for last 35 years and his passion to grow this sport in USA and specially in Texas is unmatchable. He’s supporting Houston Squash for almost a decade and with his support Houston squash is growing rapidly.

Jahenzeb’s Mission

After completing two Men’s and Women’s International Events, plus two huge invitational International Events in Pakistan, where I featured current male and female world no. 2 players, I am now back to my home base in Houston.

But, that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to support the sport I am so passionate about. We are only in March of 2021, and I have already organized and completed two events in Houston, the 6k Life Time City Center Challenger and the 10k  Life Time City Center Open

But, I am not stopping there. I am now organizing three more 10k events in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

It’s great news for US squash players, who have been struggling to get events and pro matches for the last 13 months because of Covid.

I am hoping that my events are the light at the end of the tunnel, giving much needed opportunity to the players to come back to a normal life where they can play, have fun and enjoy this lovely sport of SQUASH.

Plano 08-11 Apr San Antonio  29 Apr-02 May Austin 20-23 May Houston (W) 03-06 Jun


08 -11 April :
Life Time Plano International Squash Open 2021 – Presented by Resolve Tech Solutions


29 April – 02 May:
Texas Auto Save Life Time San Antonio 281 International Squash Open 2021 – Presented by Core Path Laboratories

20 – 23 May :
Assurance Financial Mortgage Life Time Austin South International Squash Open 2021


03 – 06 Jun :
Life Time City Center Women’s Open 2021

About Jahanzeb

Squash is my passion and I want to grow this sport as much as I can. I have hosted 98 events in 9 years and am not stopping there. I have so many cool ideas that can help promote this beautiful sport in no time.

This is the first time I am organizing pro squash events in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. Each city’s squash community is so excited to see the pros in their hometown and it will be a great opportunity for the young generations to come and see how they play and to motivate them to pick up this lovely sport.

I am so thankful to all of my sponsors and private donors because without their support, it is impossible to do anything. I am very fortunate that I have a lot of great people surrounding me who are ready to support any cause related to Squash.

How can I forget the incredible role of LIFE TIME FITNESS in all of these events, because without Life Time, it is impossible to host these events.

I am also very thankful to our Nationwide Squash Director Mr. Ajay Pant for his continuous support, Tomas Kobersky (S. GM Houston) Walter Gonzales (GM San Antonio), Mr. Cory Hey (GM Plano) and Mr. Brian McClure (GM Austin South) for allowing me to host these events in their clubs.

Huge shoutout to Core Path Laboratories, NH Specialists, WorldTechIT, Assurance Financial Mortgage, Texas Auto Save, Urology Austin (Mike R. Floyd, MD) and Resolve Tech Solutions for being my backbone of these amazing events!!!

Plano 08-11 Apr San Antonio  29 Apr-02 May Austin 20-23 May Houston (W) 03-06 Jun

Flashback : Hutkay Fight Night 2017

Plano 08-11 Apr San Antonio  29 Apr-02 May Austin 20-23 May Houston (W) 03-06 Jun