Meet the Player: India Navya Sundararajan

Ranked at Number 3 in India in the girls’ Under-17 category, Navya Sundararajan’s journey is marked by discipline, time management, and support from her family, school, and the entire squash community.

Her journey in sports started with playing Basketball as a kid. She would eventually accompany her brother to squash tournaments, and that’s when her parents decided to put her in squash training as well.

“I think I started off playing both squash and basketball. None of them were serious. Once you start playing a sport competitively, you can say goodbye to all other sports, because there is literally no time.” said Navya.

She truly got serious and wanted to make a name for herself representing her country at the highest level. After COVID, there was no looking back, as she continued her endeavours to achieve her goal. Her current coach helped her understand her true potential and pushed her to do better everyday. And thus, the journey began.

Central to Navya’s success is her family, whom she fondly describes as her pillars of strength. Her mother plays the role of a constant guide in her athletic pursuits. From deciding her diet chart to planning her travel and accommodation, everything is managed by her mother. Her brother gives her the best advice regarding squash, and she looks up to her father for his rational advice that helps her confront any problematic situations.