Dutch PSL : Men’s Round Nine

Dutch PSA : Men's Round NINE

Group 1 : ‘Meersquash 0-3 Victoria (3-9)  |  Ridderkerk 3-0 Almere (9-1)

Group 2 : Apeldorn 2-1 Utrecht (7-5)  |  Houtrust 1-2 Twente (3-8)

The playoffs are set

Round 9 of the Dutch Premier League is behind us and the playoffs are set. Frans Otten Stadium will Play Squash Apeldoorn to decide who plays Twente in the semis. On the other half of the schedule Ridderkerk will play Houtrust to decide who plays Victoria Rotterdam in the semis.

Yesterday the big one of course was between Apeldoorn and Utrecht. A direct faceoff between the two teams fighting for third position. Quite surprisingly first match went to Apeldoorn, which gave them a huge advantage. Especially because with Omar Mosaad they had the stronger player on position #1.

Mosaad indeed won his match against El Sirty and that meant they made it into the playoffs. On the other courts nothing really happened that had any influence on the poule standings, but we did witness Mazen Hesham lose to Ivan Perez in 5 and we saw an amazing battle between Jonah Bryant and Sebastien Bonmalais.

Round 10 will not have any effect on the score, but it will be very interesting with regards to the line-ups. The top-4 of each team namely has to have played twice in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs. This means we can expect some fireworks in the last round.

Ridderkerk and Victoria for instance will probably line-up Mohamed El Shorbagy and Joel Makin. But also Eain Yow Ng, Patrick Rooney, Sebastien Bonmalais, Borja Golan and Tarek Momen have only played once…

Preview :

It’s the penultimate round tonight, with some playoff places still to be decided …

Group One  is all but settled –  Victoria Rotterdam will win the poule, Frans Otten Stadium will be  runners up and Ridderkerk will almost certainly join them in the playoffs.  The Match to watch will be between Jonah Bryant and Sebastian Bonmalais.

In Group Two Twente and Houtrust are through, but the battle for third position is reaching the boiling point with Apeldoorn and Utrecht facing each other in a direct battle. Apeldoorn is ahead by 9 points, but has a much tougher opponent in the last match, so they’ll need to secure nothing less than a win.

Watch Live from 19.30.