Mike Corby….

Mike Corby…the Quintessential English sportsman…

Fabulous all-rounder and successful Business man….there should be a film about this man …..but my question to YOU is this….which actor would be most suitable for the role..?

so many stories about this man…he owned Lambs and sold the land…made millions but would have made even more had he hung onto it for a few more years even at a loss….

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  1. As an answer to the above question I would say that who ever should portray Mike in a film, depending of course on what age they should portray, should be exceedingly fit. I knew Mike when he was around forty, slim and very fit and training top notch squash players on the court. Outside of the court he was an energetic manager of what was then, The London Bridge Squash Club’, which I believe is now a restaurant. Mike was hands on to build the club and also came up with the solution of a spiral staircase solving a dilemma of how to instal backstairs. The club had three squash courts and a bar, restaurant and fitness centre not to mention the sauna pool table room and so forth which for the 70s was way ahead of it’s time. It was extremely popular and thrived but as rates for property and space in inner London increased according to Mike it could no longer pay off to keep the London Squash Courts open. I would also like to mention in reply to the question of who should play Mike in a film that his partner, his exquisite wife of the 70s Lucinda should also be represented. The actor again would depend on which era the film was set in.

  2. I worked for this man years ago in his fitness club in Tottenham Road, he was so kind, funny and generous, il never forget him.