Mohamed Shorbagy salutes Shabana

Fram Gommendy reports

God Bless mon petit Bagy… Raging on the court, softy off it. People will never know how sensitive and fragile inside Mohamed El Shorbagy – that they nicknamed, o so wrongly the Beast – is.

We cried together in Gouna when we heard that Ramy retired. And this homage to Shabana comes straight from his heart. It’s not for show. It’s not for the media. It’s a young Mohamed that learned so much from his battles on court against the Maestro.

I’ll never forget their first time in Hong Kong, on a traditional court. Mohamed – who was a bit blocking at the time, bless him, spent his time on the floor. Shabs made sure he had access to the ball. “I had to show him who’s boss,” smiled Shabs at the end in my aftermatch interview….
(Mohamed kindly reminded me that it was NOT their first time on court. But as I told him, not going to let the truth spoil a good story…)

God I miss those years. So much.

Mo salutes Shabs (on Facebook)

8 years ago today the Great Amr Shabana retired from the game.
No words would be enough to thank him for everything he has done for the game and for me personally.

The tour has never been the same since he retired. I miss him a lot on tour, I miss the times I spent with him as each of these moments were always so special. Thank you for always inspiring me!

You are one of the main reasons I achieved what I did in my career and still continue to do so! Everything you have taught me will stay with me forever❤️