Olli Tuominen retires

After 22 years as a professional squash player, Finland’s Olli Tuominen, now 40 years old, has called time on his career.

Olli’s Note:

It’s time to lower the sword, burn my passport and sail towards calmer inland waters.

I played my first PSA match as a teenager in 1997. Well over 500 PSA matches later, I will play my last PSA tournament in Montpellier this week. During these years I’ve played in over 50 countries from Pakistan to Bermuda.

Some highlights of my career include making semifinals in Tournament of Champions 2007 and in US Open 2010, climbing up to the world ranking 13 in 2006, beating several top 10 players and of course winning the Subbotnik Open in Moscow this March.

All together I’ve won at least 15 PSA titles. Even the statistics from PSA website don’t reach all the way to when I began my career. That’s how long I’ve been on tour.

I may leave PSA world behind, but squash will naturally continue to be an important part of my life. My plans for next year is to keep fit, play league matches in Europe and maybe do a bit more coaching, both in Finland as well as internationally if there is demand for it.

At the same time I’m looking forward to the opportunity to spend more time at home in Finland and enjoy the ordinary life. Maybe find something new to do outside of Squash like renovating apartments, fixing bikes or picking locks. Hopefully I will also have more time to play music.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the entire squash community. I want to thank all the friends I’ve made among fellow players for sharing this adventure with me, my wonderful host families around the world for their endless hospitality as well as all my sponsors for supporting my career.

Special thanks go to my family and friends in Finland for bearing with me throughout these 22 years as a squash professional.

Olli Tuominen


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