Tue 5th : RAC, Nottingham and Newcastle take the wins

Defending champions RAC made their intentions clear as they travelled to 2018 Champions St George’s Hill and quickly took a 4-0 lead without dropping a game to secure their second win and move to within a point of leaders WarKens with a match in hand. Borja Golan won the dead rubber for the hosts, who are marooned at the bottom of the Southern Division table without a win.

In the Northern Division Newcastle notched up their second win as they beat Birmingham Lions, winning the first three matches to send the already noisy home crowd into overdrive. Birmingham pulled one back via Jan Van Den Herrewegen, but the home side finished strongly as debutant Mazen Hesham overcame in-form Welshman Joel Makin to make it 4-1 on the night.   PHOTO GALLERY from Newcastle

The first-ever PSL match in Scotland saw newcomers Alba Storm – fielding an all-Scottish lineup – take on 2017 champions Nottingham at Edinburgh Sports Club, and although Greg Lobban took the opening game, Nottingham’s Nick Matthew fought back to give the visitors the lead. Coline Aumard doubled the visitors’ lead and although Rory Stewart put the home side back in it, Millie Tomlinson came from a game down to secure the win for Nottingham.

Mon 4th : Coolhurst off the mark

Round Three got underway with Coolhurst v WarKens on Monday with the home team, playing their first match of the season due to a round one rearrangement, taking a 3-2 victory. Anthony Rogal put Coolhurst into the lead before Sarah-Jane Perry levelled for the away team.

At the top string Adrian Waller took two close games over Raphael Kandra to put Coolhurst back into the lead and the win was secured when WarKens’ Mahesh Mangaonkar retired injured during the first game. Lily Taylor came from a game down to reduce the deficit in the final match.

PSL Round THREE, 4th & 5th Nov

Alba Storm 2-3 University of Nottingham (6-10)   

Greg Lobban 1-2 Nick Matthew    11-8, 11-13, 4-11
Alan Clyne 2-1 Richie Fallows    11-9, 0-11, 11-5
Rory Stewart 2-0 Kyle Finch    13-11, 11-9
Lisa Aitken 1-2 Millie Tomlinson    11-8, 8-11, 4-11
Georgia Adderley 0-2 Coline Aumard    4-11, 5-11

Newcastle University / Northumberland Club 4-1 University of Birmingham Lions (12-4)

Mazen Hesham 2-1 Joel Makin    11-8, 1-11, 11-7
Piedro Schweertman 1-2 Jan vd Herrewegen    10-12, 11-7, 5-11
Robbie Downer 2-0 Miles Jenkins    11-6, 13-11
Alexandra Fuller 2-1 Alicia Mead    11-7, 5-11, 11-5
Fiona Moverley 2-0 Katie Malliff    11-4, 11-3

abinitio St George’s Hill 1-4 RAC PSL Team (2-11)

Tom Richards 0-2 Paul Coll    9-11, 6-11
Borja Golan 2-0 Daryl Selby    11-6, 11-5
Joe Lee 0-2 George Parker    7-11, 7-11
Jasmine Hutton 0-2 Alison Waters    4-11, 7-11
Torrie Malik 0-2 Haley Mendez    8-11, 7-11

Team Coolhurst 3-2 University of Warwick / Kenilworth Squash (10-4)

Adrian Waller 2-0 Raphael Kandra    11-9, 11-8
Nathan Lake 2-0 Mahesh Mangaonkar    9-7 rtd
Anthony Rogal 2-0 Harry Falconer    11-8, 11-8
Kace Bartley 0-2 Sarah-Jane Perry    8-11, 7-11
Grace Gear 1-2 Lily Taylor    14-12, 7-11, 5-11

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