Real life heroes: Harry Leitch, NHS doctor

Real life heroes: Harry Leitch, NHS doctor

Meet one of quiet, endlessly working, NHS British Heroes, Harry Leitch. This is him after a 12 hour shift yesterday.

Harry Leitch, former Scotland number one junior, made his debut for the Scottish senior team in 2003 and has since made over 60 international appearances. He competed at the European Championships, the World Championships and the 2006, 2010 and 2014 Commonwealth Games.

In addition, he won a record ten Blues representing the University of Cambridge on the squash court. This led to the introduction of the ‘Leitch Law’ in 2014, which limits the number of varsity appearances to 8 in total [7], essentially extending the ‘Rankov Rule’ from rowing to encompass all Varsity matches.

But there is more to Harry than squash. Growing up in Edinburgh, he attended George Watson’s College, then following graduation in 2003, he entered the University of Cambridge, where he obtained a BA in Natural Sciences in 2007.

He subsequently completed an MB/PhD at the School of Clinical Medicine and a research fellowship at Wolfson College,as well as teaching Medicine at Fitzwilliam College. He currently leads the Germline and Pluripotency group at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences and teaches at Imperial College London.

He is one of many fighting every day to save lives from the virus, working endless shifts and even shaving his legendary beard to avoid spreading that now too famous virus.

He has four words to say to you:

“Stay the f home.”