Sodic Junior Open #4 – the Finale !!

The fourth edition of the hugely popular Sodic Junior Open took place at Club S Allegria …

The SODIC Junior Squash Tour was incredible and it was great to see so many bright and talented players in one place at one time. The tournament was appropriately challenging and thoroughly enjoyable and I have higher hopes for the future of our champions. This tour was definitely a great success. Much of the success can be attributed to SODIC, National bank of Egypt, Egyptair, ATCO and all our other partners for putting this together.

Special thanks to Mr. Magued Sherif, SODIC’s Managing Director, and Mr. Hisham Okasha, NBE chairman, and Egyptair board for their massive support for squash and our talented Egyptian juniors. I am also very delighted to have the support of Mr. Ziad Al-Turki, PSA & ATCO group chairman, for our tour as he always been passionate for squash and bringing out the new talents, and help promote and assist the juniors.

Also, I would like to thank the former world champion & Club S CEO Amr Shabana and former champion & Club S Head of Athletics Mohamed Abbas and the current world #3 Hania El-Hammamy for their tremendous support to the tour and the junior community.

And finally, thanks to our Mo Sports team and everyone who assisted in giving our players and parents a successful tour and overcoming all the challenges. I’m very excited and looking forward for our upcoming tournaments & events very soon.

Mo Wagih

SODIC Junior #4 Photo & Video Gallery

Girls Under 15_ Draw 6 Players
Boys Under 9 _ Draw 24 Players
Boys Under 11 _ Draw 20 Players
Boys Under 13 _ Draw 14 Players
BoysUnder 15 _ Draw 6 Players
BoysUnder 17 _ Draw 6 Players
Girls Under 9 _ Draw 20 Players
Girls Under 11_ Draw 16 Players
Girls Under 13_ Draw 14 Players