Tahiti could be your next stop…

You might have heard of the Mauritius Tournament as it’s been very well documented on the Social Medias. But you might not have heard of the Tahiti one… And yet….

The Tahiti Federation, in charge of the event for many years, would like the event to become a PSA, but at the moment, for their event from the 22nd to 28th May 2023.

It’s been going on for years, and welcomed a lot of famous French and Rest of the World ‘sommités’!


They will offer 5 or 6 plane tickets/boarding to PSA players – in particular from the Pacific Area, Australia/NZ, and France. Higher ranked will be priviledged but not essential.

Also, a few billets are for some national players of a good level, first come first serve of course.

Lots of fun with local entertainement, a few hours playing with the local kids, fun, sun, energy… it all could be yours… So, what are you waiting for…?


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