US Colleges Nationals: Kara Lincou reports for Trinity

The young Thierry Lincou’s niece is now playing for Trinity in the US College famous scene, and last weekend, her team lost against 8th consecutive title winner Harvard. She shares her journey….

This weekend in Philadelphia was an amazing experience for me, as it was my first college national championship. Obviously it wasn’t the result we expected, we were all really frustrated after this tough lost in the final, losing 5-4 with 3 matches in 5 games that didn’t go our way.

Both team fought really hard but at the end Harvard got the victory. And we accepted it even if we surely deserved it as much as they do with all the hard work we had put in.

This feeling is now a pinch in the throat but next year it will be a burning fire inside each of us. I believe that we will come back even stronger because right now the only moment we are waiting for is the moment we will take our revenge. I am proud of every single woman in this team and I will always remember this unbelievable season we did being undefeated until this final.

It was a great weekend having fun with my team and creating new memories. I am more than grateful for where I am right now.

Now it’s time to rest and prepare for the individuals in two weeks !